Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mint Standard Clothing: Must Have Dress!

I have the best clothing company to tell you about today!!

Their dresses are amazing!

So comfy, flattering, perfect for busy women and they have deep POCKETS!

My blogging friend Kelley from LoveLikeCrazy started her own clothing line this year.  She's a beautiful, busy, working mama with a great vision for clothing for women on the go.  We have been friends for years and I'm so excited to tell you about her new business.  You can read all about her mission at Mint Standard Clothing.  You're going to be impressed to find out the fabric she's used in her clothing line!

She sent me The Cinch - Black and The Shortie - Black with zero strings attached.  I couldn't wait to tell you about them.  I only share things that I love with you so let me introduce you to these great products!!  The dress has the perfect sleeve length, is nice and thick material so it holds it shape really well and it is so comfy.  I just feel pretty every time I put it on.
I have worn the dress so many different ways this Summer.  I'm excited to show you some styling options today.  It is the best dress because you can accessorize it however you want.  It's so easy to wear!  The Shortie is a great pair of shorts WITH A POCKET!  I've been wearing them under most of my dresses so I have a place to put my phone/keys.

Here are some ideas for late Summer & Fall:

 The Cinch + scarf  + flats

The Cinch + necklace + jean jacket + clogs 

I love this dress and have my eye on The Cinch - Navy/White Stripe next!

I'd say The Shorties run a little big so size down.
And the sizing on the dresses runs TTS.

Real Life Wear:
I wanted to wear my dress multiple times to give you the best review.  I've owned it for a couple of weeks and worn it more times than I can count.  It's wonderful.

In the past I would never have considered wearing a dress while flying, but this one is perfect.  It keeps you covered in all the right areas, the pockets are huge for all those travel items and it doesn't wrinkle.  It looked great after a day full of sitting and being climbed on by kids!!

It's the perfect dress to dress up or down.  I wore it grocery shopping and then out to dinner.  My son knocked over my full glass of water into my lap.  No problem.  My I brushed myself off and my dress dried impressively quick.

The Cinch is a great, on the go dress.  It washes and wears like a dream with ZERO maintenance.  No ironing, No  wrinkles, No fuss.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

So Long Summer

I've mentioned before, but this Summer has been my favorite for several reasons. 

We didn't have to move, we got to settle into life in our city with our friends, we took road trips, we headed to the pool and we got to go to the beach.  The kids are at really fun ages so they definitely enjoyed all of our family adventures.  Sometimes 4 is more fun than 1, but that isn't always the case.

We got to spend a week in Naples, FL so I thought I'd do a little recap.  I'll do the pool + fun stuff today and an ocean post later this week.  We usually head to the beach with my inlaws.  However, this year their plans changed last minute and we went alone for the majority of the trip.  My FIL joined us for the last few days.  We had the best time at their place.  We didn't do tons of touristy things since we've been there several times.  Our days were spent either deciding to go to the pool or the ocean and doing some fun things in between.

It was great.  The kids did so well on the drives + flights.  They are always excited to be on the go and we felt like we had a good game plan for flying with two kids 4 and under.  There were definitely a mix of highs and lows during the trip, but thankfully the good moments outweighed the hard ones.  I'll be sure to mention the real life story to go along with some of the pics so you know that things weren't always sunshine and roses for us.

I made the goal for myself to eat as much key lime as possible.  I had key lime cheesecake and key lime pie twice!

Olive caught, talked about and spotted lizards for the entire week.
Not my thing, but it was fun to watch her get so excited about these creatures.

Olive is very into matching me these days.
So we wore sunnies, colorful sandals, floral suits and were ready to head to the pool.

We ate at our favorite spot - Tommy Bahama.
They're always super sweet to the kids.
Real Life: At dinner two drinks were spilled, someone refused to eat their meal and just had ketchup and toys were tossed everywhere.  Oh and some crayons were consumed.  I was definitely sweating by the time our bill came.
Crab cakes are my #1 favorite beach entree!

 The tropical flowers are gorgeous everywhere you go.  Olive kept hugging them.

We strolled the streets.
Fletcher pointed to everything and waved hello to everyone.
Olive twirled her way down the sidewalks.

We discovered the best powdered donuts on the planet.
Tastykake Powdered Sugar Mini Donuts.
I can't even tell you how many bags my kids ate.  I ended up having to hide them.

Literally trying to swing from the chandelier... OMG.
Real life: Where was his mother?  Trying to do dishes, make breakfast, sip some iced coffee and trying to take care of the kids.  He's so fast and was pretty proud of his climbing skills.

 Gorgeous gardens to walk through in the evenings.

These two had the best time on all of our adventures all week long.

Summer is considered the off season in Naples and it's our favorite!!
We love being there when it's less crowded.

Thank heavens for puddle jumpers!  Olive paddled all around the pool thanks to hers.  Maybe next year Fletcher will love his :)

Drinks poolside :)

 His beach wardrobe game was strong.
And he attracted a lot of attention from the ladies.

Real Life: I opted to walk the kids in between courses at dinner out.  They'd eat apps with us, we'd go for  a stroll and then we'd return about the time dinner was served.  If we didn't go for a walk, they were nutso by the end.  

Big Boy Fletcher Late Summer 2017
 Baby Fletcher Early Summer 2016

We got rained out of our last pool day.
The kids couldn't have cared less.  Pool turned splash pad.
It rained for about an hour, they played and splashed.  No problem.

So long Summer 2017!  Thanks for all the great memories!!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Vacation Favorites

We just got back from a wonderful beach vacation.  We had the best time and it really was our best vacation as a family of four.  The kids slept great, we kept things pretty low key with bouncing between plans at the pool and heading to the ocean and we made tons of fun memories.

My favorite parts of our trip were:

Sweet pictures snapped by my husband.
Both kids love the water and I think it's much more relaxing to be at the ocean with them than the pool.  They pick up shells, sit at the end of the water and love watching the boats, people and birds go by.

Donuts + tons of sprinkles.
Kevin got Dunkin Donuts for us and they were so good!  We loved their sprinkle combo.

We had a great time collecting shells!  There were SO MANY each day and so many different kinds to choose from.  Olive has finally reached the age where she loves collecting them and doesn't throw them all back.  We have quite a fun collection at home that I decorate with every summer.

Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker
Have you read it yet?  This book got delivered right before our trip.  I was excited to read one of Hatmaker's books since I hadn't read any of her books before.  She's a funny writer and you feel like you're reading a book by a friend.  I loved her sections on homemaking, decorating and parenting.  I felt like there was a bit of rambling in the "how to" sections so I just skimmed over them and moved onto the more interesting parts.  I was surprised to find recipes mixed into several of the chapters.  She's relatable and this book is a quick read.  She references and quotes her past books so if you are familiar with her you will recognize those.  I appreciated her views on parenting and her advice on the subject.  Her line "Let's send them off adored, believed in and treasured" really stuck with me.  The last half of the book (Part 3 & 4) were my favorites.  I think she makes a great case for family friends, making memories together and making your home a gathering place for everyone.  Her supper club tradition is something I'd like to start with my friends and I loved her idea of fangirling real people you encounter every day.  Hatmaker seems like a wonderful friend.  She gives lots of advice for helping women reach out to other women to build community.  I would say it's an overall good book, but some skimming might be required.
*I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review of it.

We have a tradition of buying and sending postcards to friends/family on our trips.  They seem to be getting harder to find at souvenir shops, but I'm determined to keep my love of snail mail alive.  It was fun to pick them out and work on them together.

This emoji matching game was a big hit!  My MIL sent it for Olive and we played it several time a day.  I'd highly recommend it.  It's funny (poop emoji) and good for lots of ages.

Fruity drinks poolside.

Beachy decor.
I got to style the TV console for my in laws and had a blast.  I worked with what they had, did some rearranging and here's the finished product.  I love the feel of Florida homes!  Also, Moana should probably end up in one of my summer favorite posts.  We just adore this movie!

Shell Hunting.
We found some HUGE shells this trip!  It was fun to collect them and then put them back.  Most of the big ones were homes to slimey creatures - yuck!- so we happily tossed those back into the ocean.

This handsome dude loved the water.  He did great on our flights, was friendly to everyone and made lots of new friends.  He showed off his muscles and happily ran around all week.  I just love his new outfit from Kohls.  Whoever said dressing boys isn't as much fun as dressing girls is wrong.  I just have to shop around a little more for him to find exactly what I like.

Super Dad.
Kevin took both kids out in the pool and the ocean.  I tried to keep up, but he was more fun.  I'd tag along right behind him and both kids would be yelling for their turn with dad.  He's the fun one and I'm okay with that.  

I've got to head to the store, do mounds of laundry and try to catch up with all the things around the house this weekend.  Low key is the name of the game.  Kevin will be busily preparing for his Fall semester of teaching.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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