Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thrifty Finds

I found myself strolling through the aisles of my local thrift shop recently
and was pleased with all of my fun finds!
I tried on LOTS of clothes - this is a must for finding great thrifted clothes.
The best part: Everything for $28
 My quality control agents were examining my finds.
They were impressed!
$4 AE pointy nude/slightly sparkly flats, $4 Aerosoles nude/wedges
 Polka-dotted casual top, Ruffley black and white skirt.
 Two patterned tops
 I couldn't turn down this cute set for $0.50
Can't wait to start wearing my new things!

Have you had any great thrifty finds lately??

Olympic Apple Pie

We've been loving all of the coverage of the Olympic events
and wanted to make a festive treat to cheer on team USA!

I took one of our favorite desserts and spiced it up a bit.
Apple Pie Olympic Edition
 I've been anxiously awaiting any excuse to use these mini pie plates.
I thrifted 2 of them in the middle and kept my eyes peeled for months for more.
I ended up having to purchase them at an outlet kitchen store for $6.
 I used one apple per mini pie.
 Got out my Apple Peeler Corer Slicer from Pampered Chef.
 Trim out any seed pockets.
 Add done... one faulty apple down but the rest worked fine.
 I added cinnamon, melted butter, flour, lemon juice and sugars to the apples.
 Mix until evenly coated
 I made my mother in laws pie crust recipe.
I did two 8inch pie crusts and then divided the dough into 6 equalish portions.
 Grease pie tins.
 Roll out dough balls slightly larger than the tin.
 Place it inside the tin.
 Trim off the excess edges and smooth out with fingers.
 Crinkle the edges and repeat 5 more times.

 I ended up with extra pie crust so I cut out some stars -
so patriotic!!

 Fill the unbaked crust as full as possible.
I used all of my apples.
 Add stars with a dab of water.
 Mix cold butter, sugars and flour into a crumble.
Sprinkle on top of each pie.

 Bake at 425 for 5 minutes and for another 35-40 for high altitude people.
I baked them on a baking sheet because my apple pies tend to overflow while baking
and I didn't want to scrape cooked pie out of the bottom of my oven.

Let pies cool or eat them while they are warm.
 We had a little BBQ while ours cooled :)

Add flags and voila - you've become a super fan!

 No apple pie is complete without some vanilla ice cream.
Olympic ringlike ice cream definitely tastes better :)
We happened to have some homemade ice cream so
I pulled out my tiniest cookie scoop.
It was easy, 5 quick tiny scoops 
and you have an ice cream version of the Olympic rings!
 I think this might just be my favorite dessert of the whole summer...

Go team USA!!

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Goldfish Spokesman??

 Topher likes people food.
We blame his previous owners when he was a kitten.
For some strange reason, 
he loves Goldfish, Tostitos and Wheat Thins.
Those three are staples in our home.
He goes nuts when he hears the crinkle of their bags.
 I think he'd be a pretty cute Goldfish Spokesman!
 Odd cat :)

Mountainy Monday

 Happy Monday!!