Friday, October 10, 2014

Hour Day

Hour Day:
Take a picture on the hour all day long to document your day.
Done!  I've seen posts like this before on some of my friend's blogs so I thought it would be fun to give it a try.  
Thursday, October 9th:

8:00 AM
Olive eats breakfast and watches Daniel Tiger
She waves at him and dances to his silly songs

 We get ready together and Olive chews on each of my makeup items.  Sometimes I can distract her with a stack of headbands to try on or a bowl full of bracelets, but not today.  She wanted in on the action... pretend blush, chapstick, q-tips and a hairdo!

 We head to Target to pick up a few things.
All smiles in the accessory department
and an EPIC meltdown in the soup aisle...
sometimes I think that toddlers are from another planet - haha.

 She fell asleep on the 10 minute car ride home
and didn't wake up when I carried her inside.
She must have been worn out because this is not her norm.

 12:00 PM 
It was a lovely day so I just enjoyed the view for a moment.

1:00 PM 
Time for Lunch by myself :)

Working on my daily to do list, reading some blogs
 and talking to my sister on the phone

3:00 PM 
Olive wakes up so HAPPY!
Hooray for both of us.
She usually naps for 2 hours but I'm okay with 3 today :)

We are learning to NEVER leave chairs out 
now that we have an aspiring mountain climber in the house...

Play time in Olive's room and wait for Daddy to get home.  Kevin usually calls on his way home and let's us know what time he'll be arriving.  The highlight of Olive's day is running out to his car to meet him.  She squeals with delight when I unlock the door and then she bolts out to him.  I really need to get that on video!

6:00 PM 
Time to head outside for a trike ride.  We hoped it had cooled off but it was hot.  Olive loves to point out the neighborhood pets as we walk, get the mail and say hello to the neighbors.

I fixed Brinner (breakfast for dinner) while Kevin pulled out all the stops to keep Olive entertained for a bit.  Worked like a charm.

 8:00 PM 
Time for Olive to go to bed.  She had a fussy day so we were all ready for bedtime when it rolls around :)  Bunny is close by and ready for bed.

It never fails that my little Topher is anxious to have my full attention.  He waits for me to put Olive to bed and starts purrrrrrrrrrrrrrring like crazy when I come downstairs.  He pretends he's the baby when Olive's not around.  haha

10:00 PM 
Late night snack of pecan pie with Kevin while we watch some Thursday night football!

Now I need to go and dry my hair, brush my teeth and head to bed.
Hope you enjoyed Hour Day :)


  1. What a fun post! I enjoyed this peek into your day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brinner is SO yummy! Great post! Taking a toddler shopping is an exercise in patience.


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