Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mississippi State Fair

We have made a tradition of going to state fairs in the cities we've lived in for the past several years.  We've always lived in capital cities (Salt Lake City, Little Rock & Jackson, MS) since we've been married so it's been an easy Fall activity for us.  

We planned a lunch date in hopes to avoid crowds and have a more low key fair experience.  It worked out great and we had a fun time.  It was WARM and so we appreciated the tour through the air conditioned building to see the exhibits.  We were surprised at how massive the Mississippi State Fair was!  It went on and on and was definitely the largest state fair we'd ever been to.  We were tempted to try a deep fried Oreo or Snickers but we managed to skip it.

 The animals were definitely a highlight.  Olive was curious and kept trying to touch them with her feet.  Some animals licked or nibbled on her shoes.  She didn't seem very interested in feeding them.

 I think this guy would have licked her shoe all day!

 We split chicken on a stick and sweet potato fries for lunch.  Then we got funnel cake FRIES for dessert (heavy on the powdered sugar :)  They were ah-mazing!
 Powdered sugar covered face is the sign of a yummy treat!

We also stopped in to see the fire marshalls and Olive got a pink fire hat.
She thinks it's hilarious and I'm sure it'll provide her with hours of entertainment.

I realized that I have a thing for taking pictures of ferris wheels...
Mississippi 2014:
Arkansas 2013:
Utah 2011

My Thrifty Thursday tip of the day:
Be sure to check out special deals/promotions for holiday activities in your area.  We went to the state fair during the lunch hour because they were having a promotion for free parking and free entrance during the hours of 11-2.  That saved us $15!  We spent around $15 on lunch and a snack that day so going during their promotion meant we went for half price!!  Hooray!


  1. That is a great money saving tip! Our local fair is the second largest in NC - not the state fair for NC but a very big one - just to get in the door....$30 ($8 parking and $22 for three of us). Fairs are fun but can be ridiculous in cost. I'm so glad you guys had a nice time. I love to see my littlest's eyes when we go see the animals even though we live in a super rural area with cows, chickens, and horses everywhere!

  2. What a fun day! I grew up in 4-H, so I spent lots of summers in the animal exhibit areas of our county fairs. I don't think I've ever been to a state fair, but it looks pretty fun! :)


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