Monday, October 13, 2014

October Goals

I'm going to keep my goals simple since we're already well into October...

It was a productive month :)
September Goal Update:
1. Finish unpacking and settling into the master bedroom - set up lamps, place furniture, tidy up closets and find permanent places for things.
2. Decorate Olive's room - gallery wall, pom-pom cluster, book nook, etc.
3. Find my missing books & read for fun - I have somehow misplaced my one box of NEW books to read for fun and I'm having trouble locating it.  I've searched almost everywhere so I'm guessing it'll probably be the last box I open.
4. Clean out the garage - move empty boxes up to the attic, sweep out and reorganize outdoor items.
5. Continue to hang pictures and decorations
6. Decorate my house for fall - get out pumpkins, leaves and fun things.
7. Make a Fall wreath for my front door
8. Trim bushes - I'll need my husband's help on this one!
9. Try a few new healthy recipes that I've been pinning.
10. Find a pediatrician for Olive in Mississippi so she'll be ready for her 18 month visit.
11. Buy a fire pit for our patio.  I'm hoping to find a Menards to check out their selection.
12. Finish making the transition from old bank account to our new one.  This involves phone calls, changing bill pay and deposit settings. 
13. Be active and get moving - go for walks to explore the neighborhood.
14. Watch a lot of football with my hubby!

October Goals:
1. Trim all the bushes in our front and back yard
2. Hang pictures in our master bedroom, bathroom & Olive's room
3. Eat a s'more {preferably from a fire pit in our backyard}.
4. Go to the pumpkin patch - get pumpkins, mums and take lots of pictures!
5. Read for fun - start reading Love Does and Gone with the Wind
6. Plan a few toddler activities with Olive at home - I've pinned lots of things on Pinterest so I just need to DO instead of PIN.
7. Invite a friend to have a play date/lunch date.
8. Reorganize my husband's closet
9. Try 2 new recipes for dinner
10. Get moving - go on walks, get out and about and explore our neighborhood
11. Use my DSLR camera more - I have it sitting out on my desk to remind myself to put down my cell phone and take some high quality pictures.
12. Find Olive some holiday jammies - Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas!

Wish me luck!!
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  1. I cannot wait to have a to do list on our home. Sadness hit me this weekend as I walked around the disaster scene. I will just live variously through your blog and tasks ok?

  2. I can't wait to see which holiday jammies you decide on buying for your little one.


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