Monday, October 27, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide for Ladies

Holiday Gift Guide for Ladies 2014

Holiday Gift Guide for Ladies 2014 by polkadottyplace featuring a square throw pillow

Have you started shopping for the ladies in your life??


I thought it would be fun to put together a little gift guide to inspire your shopping purchases as the holidays are quickly approaching.  Let me break down my suggestions.

1. scarves & jewelry - try to pick out something nice that you'd love to get for a gift.  Pick things that are on trend, would be a fun statement piece and/or match your friend's personal style.  Stud earrings are always a fun option, anything gold would be nice right now and statement necklaces are still all the rage.

2. Pajamas & slippers - pick out a nice pair of pjs, a robe or slippers because people don't usually like to buy these items for themselves.  If you are worried about sizes, include the gift receipt.

3. Clutches or travel bags - everyone enjoys getting a new bag so scope out great clutches, small handbags or travel make up pouches.  TJ Maxx & Marshalls always have great options in this department.

4. Gift cards to their favorite places - pay attention to where they like to eat or where they stop in for coffee and buy them a gift card.  Things tend to taste better and feel more like a treat when they are FREE :)  Other gift card options: nail salons, massages, hair salons and you can never go wrong with Target (unless there isn't a Target in your area).

5. Give them a special treat - favorite bottle of wine, delicious chocolates or baked goods.  Be sure that you are a good baker if you are going to be giving out holiday treats.  There's nothing worse than getting a plate full of gross cookies.  I'd suggest making something you are really good at - chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, etc so that you know your friend will love your edible gift.  My mom will bake things for people and try to use their favorite ingredients.  For example, if they love peanut butter, bake them something with PB in it.  Simple.

6. Send them flowers to say thank you or make them feel special.

7. Holiday decorations - if you are giving the gift in advance, this is a fun option.  It is not so fun to receive a Halloween decoration on Halloween.  This option requires preplanning or your part so that you give the gift in advance allowing your friend time to enjoy the decoration.  I love collecting holiday decorations from friends so think ahead to make this one happen.

8. Something for their house - a plant, a mirror, a pretty vase, frames, a throw pillow or a pretty pitcher.  Try to stick with things that fit well with their style and look like they'd go well with their current decor.

Happy shopping for your favorite ladies!!

Do you have any other gift ideas to share??
I'm excited to start my shopping and would love to hear your suggestions. 


  1. Love this! You are so on top of it. I haven't made Olivia's Halloween costume, let alone thought about Christmas - but I need to start thinking, it always sneaks up faster than we think!

  2. I love gift guides! You have some great ideas. I always take my mom a Christmas ornament at Thanksgiving. It's a fun way to kick off the season. Thanks for the great ideas!


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