Thursday, February 28, 2013

Safe Haven

I love Nicholas Sparks and have read many of his books.
It's hard to keep up with all of his best sellers but they never disappoint.
I haven't seen all of his movies but I've enjoyed several of them.
Both my hubby and I were excited at the previews for Safe Haven.
We have always liked "Tad Hamilton" AKA Josh Duhmal.
Sparks is also a Notre Dame grad so he scores points with my hubby.

 Friday night date night was set.
Movie giftcards covered admission thanks to gifts from students.
We got sucked into the suspenseful movie and loved the characters.
Hubby did not love Josh's hair though :)

I knew there would be a tear jerker part because that's a classic Sparks' move.
I was waiting... got teary eyed a time or two but the last few minutes had me boo hooing (along with the rest of the packed theater).  My hubby was even teary eyed (don't tell him I said so) but I was relieved to see that other non-pregnant ladies were crying right along with me.  

The screen went dark, the movie was over and no one moved for a minute.  All you could hear were sniffles.  We all collected ourselves and our belongings then filed out of the theater.  I was trying to dry it up and Kevin wanted to talk and rehash the whole movie!  We were trying to recap it and he said:  Nicholas Sparks is like a magician of emotions!  Just when you think he's hit you with a sad part, he rips your heart out. 

Have you seen Safe Haven yet?
 If not, watch the trailer and you'll be hooked.

Spring Must Haves

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I'm loving all these trends for spring 2013.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swimming in a Sea of Kisses

I found myself the recipient of a TON of Hershey Kisses lately.
I enjoy eating them 
but I need some other ideas for consuming them!
Any suggestions on how to use up all of these kisses??

What Whitney Wore

Welcome to my closet this week.
I had to dress up for Parent-teacher conferences, teaching and put together a few casual outfits.  I'm doing my best to incorporate non-maternity clothes with my maternity items to stretch (literally) my wardrobe as much as possible.

Here are the outfits that I came up with for myself & my 26 week baby bump:
1. Parent-Teacher Conferences (AKA 12 hr workday)
top & skinny jeans - Motherhood
bow earrings - Charlotte Russe
heels - Ralph Lauren

 2. Black & Blue (2nd 12 hour work day)
top & jeans - Motherhood
flower necklace - gift
heels - BORN
 Oliver wanted to show off his stripes too!

 3. Jewel Tones
top - thrifted
jeans - Motherhood
scarf & belt - TJ Maxx
button earrings - Polka-Dotty Place etsy shop
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Real To Do Lists

We ate at a breakfast spot in Vegas recently that had this sign posted:
It got me thinking...
what is on my REAL to do list every day?

Smile often.
Bring happiness wherever you go.
Give compliments.
Talk to those you love often.
Eat sweets.
Be kind.
Notice the little things.
Don't take things so seriously.
Be organized; make lists.
Have fun.
Enjoy the here and now.
Try new things.

Future Olive???

Both my sis and SIL sent me very similar messages recently.
Both to the tune of...
I picture your little Olive looking like this one day...
 via Pinterest

Could I be so lucky?!?!
I love putting together outfits for myself 
so I know I'm going to be in heaven when I'm doing it for Olive.

Monday, February 25, 2013

How do you know he loves you??

How does your husband show you he loves you??
My husband is really thoughtful and sweet.  He's always looking for nice things to do for me or with me to make me happy.  I work hard to do the same for him; both of us trying hard really makes our marriage run smoothly.
For example: He'll get take out for dinner on his way home from work, he'll help do the dishes, he does all the laundry, he rents movies he knows I'll like, he stays up late with me so we can go to bed together, he reads my blog, he takes my outfit pictures each day, he plans trips for us, he does research on all big purchases, he grills for us, he's full of compliments, he writes me notes, calls, texts and emails throughout the day, he goes grocery shopping with me and he just tries really hard to be a great husband.

Lately, I have been lucky enough to capture him being thoughtful on camera... 
Let me show you:

Kevin knows that I love taking pictures.  He has grown to appreciate taking pictures and being in pictures over our married life because he did not grow up doing a lot of this.  I, however, grew up with tons of photo ops and family pictures so I'm glad to have won him over.  He jumped out of the car to get a few great pictures while we were driving around the Tetons.  It was freezing, icy roads, sun was setting but he was eager to get a few more pictures to capture our weekend away for me.
 He stopped in a chocolate shop recently to get some peanut butter fudge for himself.  He decided baby and I needed a treat too so he grabbed two turtles for me.  I didn't even have to say that I was hungry (because I always am these days...) and he knew what I would order for myself.
 I noticed some elk on the shoulder of the road last weekend and pointed them out.  He caught a glimpse but decided we needed to turn around to get a better look.  I took some pictures from the car but he thought he could get some better ones if he went up by the fence.  So he climbed through the snow without a coat on to get some close ups of the field full of elk.  He was really proud of his pictures and I was impressed with his snowshoeing :)
He knows me really well and tries hard to do things "my way":
drinks: heavy on the ice, easy on the drink
chocolatey hot chocolate
eating with forks
lots of napkins
fresh salads
non-melty ice cream

What do you do to show love to those around you??
I have a few things in mind for this week already :)

Mom's Cream Puffs

I remember eating a lot of these growing up
so any time I make my Mom's cream puffs
I get a little nostalgic.

Here's another family recipe for you:
 Thanks mom!

Let's get started:

 I had to add a little more flour to get mine to mix up perfectly.

 I made mini cream puffs this time using my 1.5 inch cookie scoop.
I've also made normal sized ones with just a large spoon.
Both methods work well but you'll have to bake the mini ones less than the big ones.
The pictures show one and a half of the recipe listed above.
I was taking them to an event and wanted to make sure I had enough.

 Instant vanilla pudding looks a little yellow but tastes great.
I've always wanted to try chocolate pudding but have yet to do it.
 Use a small knife to cut a slit in the side of the cream puff once they have cooled.
 A yummy option is to melt some chocolate to drizzle on top.
Here's my microwave/ziploc bag method.
 I did half chocolate and half powdered sugar
then refrigerated them overnight.  

This is another easy recipe that I always have ingredients on hand for at my house.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


I hope you have had a nice and relaxing Sunday! 
My family just hung out at home, made a bunch of lists, cleaned up a bit, worked on some school projects and I snuck in a nap on the couch. Here's to a great week!


We got to see LOTS of Elk on our trip to Jackson.
Somehow we'd always missed the elk when we were in town so this was extra fun.
We saw some at several different spots.
The National Elk Refuge just north of Jackson does sleigh rides.

 The elk were gathered just north of Afton, WY so we pulled off to get a close look.
Kevin took some up close shots.