Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Fall Bucket List

This is our first Fall in Mississippi and we are excited to make the most of it.  The temps are still 80+ so I think my typical image of fall (sweaters, layers, scarves, boots and a chill in the air) is going to have to be adjusted slightly.  I'll settle for enough of a chill for me to wear a scarf, fall colored clothing, pumpkins and comfortable temps.  Oh and some mosquito-less space would be wonderful.

My husband and I compiled our bucket list together 
and hope that it's Olive approved.

1. Head to a local street festival on the 1st Thursday of the month 
- get dinner, check out the local artisan booths and stroll around.
2. Go to the Mississippi State Fair
- my local friends suggested making a lunch date out of it so I'm hoping to be able to do this.
3. Find a local Fall Festival to attend
 - I've heard the Yazoo City one is fun.
4. Visit a pumpkin patch
5. Buy pumpkins for our house
- big ones and pint sized ones for Olive to play with and carry around.
6. Make some pumpkin treats to share with our neighbors
7. Plant some yellow mums on our porch/patio
8. Visit Kev at work for a lunch/coffee date
9. Take Olive out to explore some new parks in the area
10. Find a fire pit for our backyard
11. Eat smores
12. Go for a drive to see the Fall leaves
13. Go to our church Fall Fest in a few weeks
14. Try a new donut shop or two on Sundays
15. Watch a lot of football and make fun appetizers
16. Plan some new restaurants to try when my in laws visit mid-month
17. Get out and about in our neighborhood and explore new areas to walk
18. Head down to the Mississippi Coast

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  1. There is a great pumpkin patch in Brandon called Nichols Boyd. You travel north on the Natchez trace and then south on hwy 43, and that would also be a nice drive to see fall foliage. I think it's only open to the public on weekends, and closes the end of October. Have fun!


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