Thursday, October 2, 2014

Toddler Time: Twistables

 Toddlers are tricky.  They love something one day and despise it the next.  They are afraid of things you'd never have guessed, they chew on everything and they are oh so curious.  Since I have a tiny toddler at my house, I thought I'd start sharing Toddler Time activities with you.  I'll put them under Toddler Time so you can easily find them in the future.

Today we're re going to talk about

Crayola makes these fun, long crayons that come in a plastic case.  The end is capped off, they are easy for toddlers to hold and they can chew on the end while still having a dry end to color with.  Win-win for everyone!!  I picked up this pack of 8 Twistables for $2.99 at Target last week and Olive is obsessed.  We have art time every day and she thinks she's such a big girl when I pull them out.

 Olive typically bites the end off of regular crayons so I've tended to avoid them.  She does it in nearly every restaurant so I was thinking she was far too young for crayons.  Twistables were the perfect compromise.  Coloring, chewing and creative outlet :)

I got her several pieces of printer paper and we practiced shapes, colors and her name.  I would write things and she thought it was hilarious to scribble over them.  She also enjoyed when I traced her hands and feet.  We both look forward to our little art sessions each day.

I still monitored her closely and encouraged her to write with them instead of tasting each color.  We have made several lovely works of art and they are currently displayed in a little fridge gallery.

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  1. How old was she when you started this? I think twistsbles are a great idea

    1. Olive was about 15 months when I started using Twistables with her. She probably could have used them earlier so you'll have to give them a try with Blake :)

  2. Stopping by from the link up. Thank you for sharing this! This is great to know and looks like she is having fun being creative with them.

  3. Love twistables!!!! So much better than crayons!


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