Monday, October 6, 2014

I Need Answers!!

Happy Monday!!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We had a low key one at our house so that was nice, but I've got a million projects on my mind.  I have so many questions, and zero answers.  See if you can help a girl out...

1. What is the best way to clean the outside of your windows?
I tried Windex and paper towels and now I have swirly sort of clean windows which is not exactly the crystal clear look I was hoping for.

2. We have these little white mushrooms that pop up in our backyard after a big rain.  They just show up and tend to disappear by the same evening.  Olive tries to pick and play with them so I'd love a remedy for getting rid of them that A. won't poison Olive and B. isn't super expensive.

3. I want to buy some mums.  What's the best way to plant them?  Buy one big plant or several small plants and group them myself?  What type of soil do I need to buy if I plan them myself??

4. We have these little white geckos in our garage.  They climb the walls and seem to come out at night.  I'd love to get rid of them - any suggestions that don't involve me touching or catching them??

5. I have a lot of clothes/shoes/purses I don't wear anymore (post pregnancy Whitney went up a shoe size and it's been far too longs since I've done a closet overhaul).  I am not sure where the best place is to consign women's clothes?  I know I could just drop them off at Goodwill but I was hoping to get a little cash for them since most things are still in really good condition.

6. Any super mosquito repellant spray to recommend?  I get eaten alive when I step outside and am hunting for one to keep those bugs away.  I don't want to end up with West Nile!!

7. At what age did you take your kids to the dentist?  My pediatrician basically said it depends on the dentist because some say once they have 8+ teeth they can be seen and others say age 3.

8. What are you looking forward to doing this week??  Anything exciting on the books??  I'm hoping to head to the state fair, do a few fun crafty things with Olive and enjoy the nice weather. 

Thank you in advance for your wisdom :)


  1. I could help you out in category number 5, if you send pics and prices you want for them!! :) Eleanor is going to the dentist for the first time on the 21st, so she will be 2. Our actual dentist wont see her until 3 so we are taking her to a pediatric dentist.

  2. I use deet for mosquito repellant It works pretty well! I tend to get eaten alive too!

  3. I can really only help with question 1 but I recommend glass cleaners with vinegar in them. Seems to be the only thing that doesn't leave streaks!.. I don't know if you have Dollar Trees in your area but this is what I use:

    I'm sure you can find something comparable anywhere :)

  4. I use diluted vinegar to clean my windows and if they are really dirty ad a drop or two of dish soap. It also helps to dry them with newspapers instead of paper towels.

    We have those geckos too! Henry said they are called Mediterranean geckos and I just assumed they were gobbling those annoying mosquitos! But, I'll agree, they're startling, staring down at me ;)

    Let me know what you find out about mosquitos - it's bad! We saw someone "fogging" their yard last week. I'm going to find out more about that.

  5. Newspapers are the way to go with no streaks. And also I wait until the sun is off the windows when it is very warm......Old timers use to always use vinegar and water.but I just use the bottled cleaner along with my newspapers....Gram

  6. I use the Windex Wipes. I never plant mums...always put them in pretty planters because they die here fast. Consign that stuff honey pie! I send my good stuff to a local consignment shop and make 40% of sales. We also have a FB page for selling nice things local. I took my daughter at 3 to the dentist (with me) to see what happens and they did a little fun stuff with her. She didn't go back until 5. Gosh I hope this helps some! I'm looking forward to just seeing what the week will hold for me. Nothing major going on here.

  7. Hayden didn't go to the dentist until he was 3 1/2-4, but we started taking Allie at 2. I don't think there is a right time. My girls both had some staining on their teeth and it's nice that they can clean that off!
    As far as the gross geckos, dad has caught some in his sticky traps at CLV. You could out Kevin in charge of changing them periodically, but try get stuck to them and die, so you never really have to do anything to kill them.. Plus it may catch some other bugs so it may be worth it :)
    I have found that off brand windex streaks, but the real stuff doesn't. I also use a microfiber towel to clean with.
    Have a good week :)

  8. I use Listerine for mosquitos. Put in a spray bottle & just spray around the area where you will be.

  9. I took all of my kids for their first dental appointment at age 2. That is what their pediatric dentist recommended.

  10. There's an essential oil for mosquitos/bug repellant. It works so well!


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