Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Friday!!

Hope you had a great week.  It was a fun week at our house - play dates, Bible study, lunch plans and getting out and about.  The weather was slightly cooler and we are hoping Fall will arrive in Mississippi now that it's October.

The best parts of our week were...

1. I've got a thing for Reese's these days - mini Reese's Pieces candies and Reese's ice cream specifically.  I posted the cookie recipe earlier this week and you just need to pick up the Klondike bars on your next grocery store run.  Trust me.  They are delish.

2. I took the time to curl my hair this week and really liked how it turned out.  I should make an effort to do this more often.  I usually blow dry it and straighten it, but this picture motivates me to do a little more.  I also discovered a new hair product that I love!  It smells like grapefruit... It's a dry shampoo... and it's by Suave!!  It is amazing and it's only $3.

 3. Olive's bedroom is coming together nicely.  It is such a bright and cheery space.  She's hanging out in her little library corner and excited about her new comfy chair.  I just need to hang a shelf or two for her books and then her room will be done.

 4. I have been impressed with the lovely clouds and sunsets in Mississippi!  This was the view from one of our evening walks through our neighborhood this week.  People are really friendly so we enjoy getting out and about to meet new neighbors.

5. My little Olive finally fits into her "Olive You" onesie!!  It's adorable and I kind of want her to wear it every day.  We also had a fun time at story time this week.  The theme was royalty so we played with bubbles, read about princesses and twirled ribbon wands.  Obviously it requires a lot of concentration to be good at it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  1. She is a doll baby that Olive! I love some reese's pieces girl....favorite candy ever!

  2. Happy Friday, Whitney! I always love theses posts :) Your little Olive is as adorable as ever in her Olive You shirt!

  3. Buying those Klondike Bars ASAP!!! They sound delicious!
    Olive and that twirling, she's too cute. Oh and that little shirt, LOVE IT!

  4. I recently discovered the wonder of Suave dry shampoo as well. I use it on clean hair to give my super thin and flat hair some of that glorious Southern height we all love. :)

  5. Her Olive onesie!!!! The most precious thing ever.

    I am so weird about my Reeses. I only like the ones that are the shapes- trees, pumpkins, eggs, etc. But whoa boy, I can clear out a bag. And the white chocolate ones? No self control. Whatsoever.

    Your hair looks GORGEOUS with some wave to it!

  6. Suave is my favorite dry shampoo too. I actually think the smell is a little too strong, but I put up with it because it works the best.

  7. I love her Olive onesie!! She is too cute. :) My boyfriend is a big fan of Reeses so we always have some around the house.

  8. Oh my word, your Olive photos are precious! Love the concentration while waving her wand. Too cute :)

  9. Your hair looks great curled and dry shampoo is probably the greatest beauty product ever! It has been such a lifesaver for me! That Olive You onesie is perfection! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! xo, Lindsay

  10. i MUST find those klondike bars! :)
    i love your daughter's shirt too. so adorable.


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