Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Label Maker

Do you own a label maker?
If so, I'm jealous :)
I'd love to be able to label everything.
I've noticed that sharpies don't last forever when I write Olive's name on her things so I am thinking a label maker might just solve my problem.

I've always wanted one and I think it's time to get one.
I would love to hear recommendations for brands or favorite features because I have never owned one before.

I'd love one that is easy to use, has a variety of font options, 
has the option to plug in and isn't too pricey.

Any suggestions for me??


  1. I don't know about label maker brands but if you want labels for Olive's stuff, you might order some Mabel's Labels. I have used them and they are great and long lasting and cute.

  2. We have the exact one in the picture in our office! It works great!

  3. I've used a DYMO brand label maker that plugs into the computer via USB, and I loved that one. It's so much faster to type the labels instead of keying in every letter on a little keypad. However, I used it at work so I don't know how pricey those are. I have a little Brother label maker that was $20 at Staples. It has lots of fonts and works well for my needs.


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