Thursday, October 16, 2014

Must See TV

There are some HIGHLY entertaining TV shows on this Fall...
click on the title to read more or watch a little about each show.

Hilarious, awkward and so relatable.
Definitely lots of laugh out loud moments can be found here.

romantic, sweet and funny office show

funny, real life issues of being married with kids, and slightly risque

 Southern, sassy and such a FUNNY family
Big personalities and lots of entertaining family moments

While I never aspire to have 19 children of my own, I adore this family!  They are sweet, loving and such a close family.  I enjoy tuning in every week to see what they are up to during this wedding filled time of their lives.
 I've been a fan for a while now and love every single episode.  The story lines and drama kill me and I'll always be a Derrick and Meredith fan.

I was looking forward to Bad Judge, but let me just tell you... it was terrible.  I watched the first two episodes and barely made it through.  I loved Kate Walsh in Grey's, but this show is dumb.  I'm not surprised that it's cancellation is already being forecasted.  Do yourself a favor and don't watch this train wreck.

I feel like it's worth noting that I do not spend every night in front of the TV.  We take full advantage of our DVR, load it up for the week and then watch back our favorite shows fast forwarding through the commercials :)

What are you favorite shows right now?
I've heard the highest praises for The Mindy Project and Friday Night Lights,
but have yet to jump on board.


  1. I have seen 19 Kids because I was slightly addicted to those people. The rest....never heard of it. Is that bad?!?!?!

  2. Ugh I saw an ad (not even a video--just a picture) for the bad judge show and I wondered about it. Too bad it's awful!! I hate when shows just flop right out of the gate. How does that even happen!?!

  3. I totally agree about Bad Judge. What a disappointment! I'm watching the same shows I've been watching for the past several years....Castle, Big Bang and NCIS (only b/c Paul enjoys NCIS). I thought Selfie looked like it might be funny, but I haven't watched any of it yet. I miss The Office!

  4. OMGSH i am so with you on Bad Judge--she is terrible in that role for one (it does not fit her at all) but its such a trainwreck I still keep watching ha! Have you watched Manhattan Love Story? I like that one :)


  5. Hi.. I am new here. I found you through the Mississippi Women Bloggers. I, too am a Mississippi girl and hope you really do love living in the south. We are misunderstood so often. I have not seen some of these shows, but I will definitely have to check them out. I am totally addicted to Nashville. I LOVE it! It's music, drama, and even MORE drama all tied up into one. Love it. Glad I found you. Here is my blog link if you would like to pay me a visit.


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