Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

This week flew by even though we didn't really do anything super exciting.  We had a great visit with my in laws and enjoyed some wonderful weather in Mississippi.  We have big plans of grilling out, checking out a new playground, watching football and working on a few projects around the house.  I'd also love to catch up on sleep so I'll have to send a memo to my 16 month old that sleeping in is a wonderful thing :)

The best parts of our week were....

1. FINALLY getting some golden mums for our patio and porch.  They are lovely and Olive can hardly resist picking them.  The weather was PERFECT so we spent a lot of time in our backyard this week.  Olive got some new toys so she was thrilled.  I also learned how to plant bulbs in my yard.  My MIL gave me a little tutorial and I cannot wait to see them sprout up this Spring.

2. I've been on the hunt for kitchen rugs for months.  I never found anything I loved until now!  I found two of these rugs at Tuesday Mornings and they are perfect.  I nice bright spot of color and I love the texture of them. I've also gotten bit by the chenille bug!  I'm loving this chenille pattern on the throw pillows.  They are the perfect addition to my couches.  Topher agrees.

3. I have plans to make my pumpkin cinnamon rolls this weekend.  My husband has been asking me about them for weeks so I think it's finally time.  They are adorable and delicious.

4.  I finally found the perfect pair of Christmas jammies for my daughter yesterday.  I'd been searching for weeks and felt like I was behind in ordering them.  Screaming Owl is having a big sale this week so you can get a pair for under $18.  That is the best price I've found on-line for this style of pjs.  I'm going to have them personalized locally.  I can't wait for Olive to get them.
Holiday Loungewear

5. I found the best mix of Halloween candy at Target - chocolate & sweets!  It had KitKats, Hershey bars and Reeses along with Twizzlers, jolly rancher suckers and a few other things.  I should have waited to open the candy until closer to Halloween because I keep sneaking into it.  I guess this sign I found at TJ Maxx is perfect for me.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
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  1. Awe I love it all! Those rugs are adorable and the pajamas are sweet as can be! I love TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross for home finds! Have a good weekend!

  2. Of course Topher loved the orange and white pillows! They match! :)

  3. I love everything in this post! The rug, the cinnamon rolls, the pillows, and all things halloween and christmas jammies!

  4. Oh I love those pillows!! TJMaxx and Homegoods are my two favorite shopping places!

  5. Love those pillows! A trip to homegoods in on my list this weekend.

  6. I love so many things in this!! Olive's face on the slide - hilarious and precious! Love the candy sign too. And those pumpkin cinnamon rolls look delicious! Yum! Enjoy your weekend!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  7. Those mums are GORGEOUS! And I'm so proud you finally got some:) I LOVE when you find the perfect mixed candy. Usually I only like 2-3 of the kinds and the rest just go to waste.

  8. I loooove tulips. Why can't they bloom more than once a year??


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