Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weeks 27-30

An update to my pregnancy timeline...

Week 27: Baby girl is the size of a rutabaga: March 4
-I'm having trouble with my back hurting, kankles, and my heart has been racing - all uncomfortable but tend to pass and are "perfectly normal" says my doctor.
-We flew to Indiana for several days so we could go to 2 baby showers and a wedding
-We got to see a TON of family and friends this week
-Flying and traveling in general is getting more difficult.  Luckily Kevin carried the heavy things, our travel plans went off without a hitch and we had seats close to the restroom.  This was our last flight together at a COUPLE!  Weird and exciting :)
-We are feeling more prepared for Olive's arrival after getting so many fun gifts.  We brought everything we'd need for you for the first month back to Utah and the rest stayed in Indiana.  Mom and Dad will bring it down to us once we get to Little Rock. 

Week 28: egg plant: March 11
-I got the stomach flu for the second time this pregnancy.  No one else caught it from me but it was a rough last day in Indiana.  Thankfully I was able to keep my scheduled flight to head back to Utah. 
-My back is still bothering me & having heartburn/acid reflux issues
- People are saying things to me about how big the baby is getting and how I'm looking pregnant. 
-We had a fun St. Patrick's Day celebration at home
-We made the announcement to everyone that we are moving to Little Rock, AR this July

Week 29: acorn squash: March 18
-Baby girl has become a kick boxer/somersaulter - lots more movement that I can feel and SEE
-Visited my doctor this week and baby had a heartbeat of 154, I'm measuring right on track too and my blood pressure was a little high so I have to go back in 2 weeks to monitor it
-We did a Spring Art Show this week selling accessories
-We filled out our NCAA brackets
-Enjoyed the extra treats and goodies at school this week during Teacher Appreciation Week
-My students are getting more and more excited about baby Olive's arrival.  They told me I could come back to teaching right after I have her and they'd help me take care of her.  Like if she started crying they could take turns holding her.  They also wrote down some baby advice for me that I'll be blogging about soon.

Week 30: cucumber: March 25
-I'm getting worn out by the time the afternoon rolls around.  Working on sitting more during the day and successfully avoiding kankles most days :)  I'm also spending more and more time relaxing on the couch in the evenings.
-Kevin has started saying, "Being pregnant is HARD!" more frequently
-I am not a crier... yet I have found myself tearing up at the drop of a hat... animal abuse commercial, random TV shows, etc.
-I'm finally on Spring Break!
-I caught a cold/cough and have about 25 suspects who might have shared their germs in my classroom this week. 

And the baby countdown is on... >10 weeks!!

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  1. Love your outfits!! Olive is growing!! I hope your spring break is great and you accomplish your to do list! Have a fun week!!
    Go Irish,


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