Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello Friday

It's been a fun, LONG week of school so I'm excited to ring in the weekend.
Here were the best parts of my week:

1. Planning a rainbow of treats for my students to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
My students loved the colorful treats.
plus a rainbow treat to enjoy at home
2. I felt very appreciated during

 3. I'm participating in a Spring Art Show this week
and I was really pleased with how my booth turned out.

 4. I've been craving homemade bran muffins
so I finally got around to making some for myself.
Tune in later this week for the recipe.

 5. I found this note tucked in my planner...
3rd graders melt my heart.

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  1. I found your blog via the link up with Lauren. Your booth is AMAZING! You look like a wonderful teacher as well. What grade?

    1. I'm a third grade teacher and love it! It really is the perfect age to teach :)

  2. That note is the sweetest! And from a boy?! Darling.


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