Friday, March 29, 2013

Dating Your Husband

My husband and I have so much fun together and enjoy going on dates.  We've been doing this for 15 years (junior year of high school until present).  Every weekend we plan our time together and even try to squeeze in lots of fun things during our busy work weeks.  On date night, Kevin usually drives, opens doors for me (because I love it! and we don't spend much time on our phones during the evening.  I'm usually the one who has to make an effort to not check my phone and being fully present.
Here are some of our favorite date night ideas:

1. Kevin purchases Groupon/Living Social deals and we try out new restaurants, sporting events and activities.  We've gone to NBA games, Pro soccer games (only one because neither of us could really get into it), hockey games, tried new genres of food, head downtown to try out new places, etc.

2. One of us will plan the whole evening and surprise the other.  We just tell the other what time to be ready and I usually ask what I should wear because I want to be dressed accordingly.

3. We will hang out at Starbucks and we both bring books to read.

4. We'll go up to his office and work together on the weekends then grab dinner afterwards.  We both usually have papers to grade or things to work on for school.

5. Kevin will pick up take out on his way home from work and we'll watch something we've DVR'd (Duck Dynasty, Modern Family, Storage Wars, etc.)

6. Kevin enjoys hunting for good movies to watch so he'll do his research and then we'll stream something to our TV.  He has fun searching for a new movie that we'll LOVE!  We went through watching all the old 80s movies, Rom-Coms, and TV series.

7. We'll make a dessert together after dinner.  He'll find new recipes and so will I - some of our faves are pies, cinnamon rolls, monkey bread, brownies and homemade ice cream.  We both grew up with moms that we great cooks so we will often make one of their recipes.

8. We purchased a local coupon book and enjoy trying out new ice cream places and restaurants together.  I am a creature of habit and like to go to familiar places so this is a bit out of my comfort zone.  I'm glad my husband pushes me to not be "boring" :)

9.We plan road trips and vacations together.  I enjoy doing the sight seeing/touristy research and he plans the hotels/food/activities.  We work together over to make plans for upcoming travel.

10. We go miniature golfing and once I went to the driving range to hit balls.  My hubby is a great golfer and I'm an excellent cheerleader but he thought it would be fun to show me how to hit a golf ball.  I was timid and am not very patient so we haven't done that much since then but it was lots of fun to try.

11. Kevin will bring me lunch on days when he doesn't have much going on.  Sometimes it's planned and sometimes I'll get a text mid-morning asking for my lunch order.  Either way, I really enjoy this break in my workday.  I have a 30 minute lunch break as a teacher so I don't have the luxury of driving downtown to have lunch unless it's summer or I have the day off.  I pack picnic lunches in the summer and we'll have lunch outside at his office or we'll meet at a park for lunch.

12. If we both end up with a day where we'll be home early (4:00ish) then we try to do something fun: go for a long walk, head to Jamba Juice, grab a snack at Costco or try out a yogurt place.

13. We will go to Barnes and Noble and read magazines together or pick out new books to read.

14. Sometimes we'll take day trips to the outlet malls that are about an hour away.  We'll shop together for a few hours (max 2ish) and then have a yummy meal out.

15. We plan out our meals together for the week and work on our grocery list together.  Kevin is in charge of gathering any coupons and I write the list.  Then we go to dinner and head to the grocery store afterwards.  This allows us to have dinners to look forward to for the week and get to spend time together.  Plus couponing is hard to keep up with so it's nice for him to do it for our family.  I have a hard time keeping up with the expiration dates, remembering to use it and meeting the requirements of said coupon.

16. We text/call/email throughout the day to check in and see what the other is up to or how their day is going.  We have varied schedules each day so it's nice to know when the other will be home and talking often allows us to finalize plans about dinner/TV/hanging out for the evening.

17. When you marry your BFF, sometimes you have to make yourself branch out and do things with other couples.  We make dinner dates with couple friends because we always have fun with them but we easily fall into our routine of doing things with just the two of us.

18. We also love watching sports together.  I grew up watching some baseball and basketball with my dad but never really paid much attention.  (I'd go to football games in high school and would have no idea who won or what the score was at the end of the games when my parents would ask... I was too busy socializing :) My husband goes bananas for any type of football, golf, basketball and pretty much any other sport.  After we got married, I quickly realized that we could have a lot of fun if I learned more about these sports and watched them with Kevin.  It took a little while but I'm excited to say that I can know intelligently watch any sport!  I've done season football tickets, fantasy football teams, filled out March Madness brackets, watched a lot of TV and have gone to TONS of live sporting events.  I'd highly recommend watching sports with your hubby!

We are having a baby girl, Olive Kate, this June 
so I'm looking forward to taking on the challenge of continuing to date my husband 
in the midst of parenting.
Do you have any other fun date night suggestions for us??

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  1. Wow! There's so many terrific dating ideas.
    I just wanted to add that my husband and I love taking walks together and window shopping.


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