Sunday, March 24, 2013

Family Baby Shower

My sister hosted my family baby shower and she did an amazing job!  These ladies + my dad worked really hard to get my parent's house ready for the big event.  I felt guilty for not helping but they assured me they had everything under control which they did.  I just sat back and soaked up all of the love!
 Waiting to greet my guests at the front door
(the mini bunting on the wreath said OLIVE!)
My sister also stuck with my bedding colors and made plenty of decorations that were up for grabs for Olive's nursery.  Such a great idea to have multi-purpose decorations :)  I think I'm going to use the mini bunting at the hospital for Olive's little bassinet. 

My sister is also known for her impressive cake baking skills (she made her own wedding cake despite all of my efforts to talk her out of it!) so she went to town matching the cake to Olive's bedding!  The cake was almost too cute to cut.  She made chocolate and strawberry and I definitely ate some of both.  See how well the invitation matches the cake and decor.  Wowza!  They also used wrapping paper for table runners since it coordinated so well.
Haley has a rainbow of Fiestaware dishes so they went perfectly with her theme!

 Once you walked into the house, this is what you saw:
Tissue paper flowers, fabric buntings, twig trees with poppy favors, fresh flowers and TONS of color.
Haley picked out fabric to coordinate with my bedding and I was head over heels for it!  I loved each one and can't wait to hang it in Olive's nursery.
Each guest got to pick out a poppy pin of their choice.  The ladies did such a great job sewing all of these!  My parents were also quite the antique collectors back in the day so they just happened to have the two baby carriages (by the front door and by the twig tree) tucked away in their attic.  I had them save the tissue paper flowers just in case I decided to do a cluster of them in Olive's nursery.

 Baby pictures were on display.

 The food was delicious!  All of the ladies pitched in to make a very yummy lunch.
We introduced ourselves, ate, played a fun baby trivia game, Haley had everyone address thank you card envelopes so that was one less thing I'd have to do and then I opened gifts.  It was really nice to get to see so many family members that I don't see on a regular basis.

 At this point in the weekend, 
we'd flown 1,500 miles, had a 3 hour road trip, a friend baby shower, my brother in laws wedding & reception, and a family shower.  The boys were worn out :)  I put my feet up and ate a little more!

Thanks Sis for planning such a fun event!!  I had been looking forward to it for months or maybe even years :)  Everything turned out even better than I could have imagined.  I can't believe all of the things you were able to make and all of the special details you put together for Olive.  You are already a super Aunt!  Love you!


  1. Oh my gosh THAT CAKE!!! It was too pretty to cut!! Your parents house is beautiful and all of the decorations were so pretty! Gosh, you surely did have two beautiful showers! Your friend and family are both super talented!! You were glowing and I loved your outfit!!
    Have a blessed week pretty girl!!

  2. Enjoyed looking at all the baby shower pictures and of course the pictures of the Utah mtns.Hope you and little Olive are doing well, and of course our little daddy, Kevin too.Thanks for the little baby announcement. it was sooo sweet.I do enjoy reading your blog and don't know how you manage to do so much..Keep up the good work. Love Grandma

  3. I meant to comment back when you first posted this, but I'm glad you enjoyed your shower!!! I can not wait to meet baby Olive!!!


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