Sunday, March 24, 2013

FAMILY at my Shower

I mentioned earlier today that I enjoyed getting to see so many aunts, cousins, grandmas and close family friends at my shower.  It was really exciting to celebrate baby Olive with all of them.  Kevin didn't come to the entire shower, he golfed that morning and then came in at the end.  We decided that showers weren't really for guys and were both fine with this.

Both of Kevin's grandma's crocheted some amazing things for Olive:
a small pink blanket, a patterned pink blanket and 3 pairs of booties!
Such sweet Great Grandma's already :)
 People were so generous and I really enjoyed being showered with gifts :)
 My mom got a speical gift for Kevin...
baby girl Notre Dame outfits for the fall.
Olive will be ready to cheer on the Irish with her dad :)

My Dad hung around to help and just long enough to visit with his sisters and niece
 My mom's side of the family
 Kevin's aunts, Nana & his mom
 Soon to be Olive's grandmas

 We did an adult only shower so the little people came at the end to party with us.

 My little bro :)

 The proud parents to be were overwhelmed with the generosity of their family!

Thanks again ladies for such a great shower!

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