Monday, March 4, 2013

Crazy Dreams

I've always heard that pregnant ladies have WILD dreams
but I guess I was skeptical.
Well call me a skeptic no longer...

Here are some of my recent CrAzY dreams:

1. I was on recess duty and there were LIONS all over the playground.  They were strolling around and I was trying so hard to keep the kids away from them.  The kids were curious so they kept going up to pet the lions.  I was blowing my whistle and yelling, "STAY AWAY FROM THE LIONS!  THEY WILL EAT YOU!!"  

2. I was minding my own business teaching in my classroom and the principal walked in to inform me that since our school is short on space (which is true), they'd be adding a computer lab and music room to my room.  I do have a large classroom but I couldn't wrap my head around how this would work.  I was arguing that the music would be too loud for me to teach and that there weren't enough outlets in my room for a computer lab!!  My principal just smiled and said, "Don't worry about it!"

3. My class was scheduled to go on a field trip and the principal was in charge of the planning.  Field trip day arrived for us to go and see a play of Matilda and every class had a bus to ride on except mine.  She said that she thought she'd told me I'd need to arrange my own ride.  She had not so I went running around frantically calling moms and trying to make arrangements for my class to go.  I ended up going to Wal-Mart, buying Matilda the movie and we watched it in my classroom for an impromptu movie day.  The kids loved it but I was frazzled.

4. I keep having dreams that I can't get a hold of my husband.  I'm not really in labor and there doesn't seem to be any emergency but it is disconcerting.  So Kevin has promised that he will always have his cell phone on him so that I can call and text to get a hold of him anytime.

5. My indoor cats somehow escaped (they never go outside) and I was running around in my neighborhood trying to corral them.  They headed for the busy street and I was stopping traffic to protect them.  I'd catch one but couldn't get the other.  Then one got injured so I decided to run them to their vet instead of going back home to get my car.  It took forever and I was carrying my two hefty cats across town.  I woke up worn out!

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  1. Oh gosh your dreams are crazy...I would wake up scared to death when it involves my animals!!! I've never been pregnant but I've heard the same thing about the dreams! That zebra cake is awesome!!! So glad you posted that because I'm gonna try one this weekend!! Oh and your Blondie Brownies I fixed for valentines were heavenly!! Hope you, Kevin, and sweet Olive are doing great!!
    Go Irish,


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