Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pregnancy Weeks 23-26

An update to my pregnancy timeline...

Week 23: Baby girl is the size of a grapefruit: February 4
We went on a road trip to Vegas which included my first experience with KANKLES!  I guess I overdid the walking a bit... luckily they did go back down to normal size.
People are starting to feel my belly.
My skin is itchy.
We celebrated the 100th day of school.
We got to spend a few hours at Babies' R Us registering.

 Week 24: cantaloupe: February 11
Invitations to MY baby showers arrived this week!
Olive & I got a valentine bouquet of flowers delivered to school.
My hands and feet were swollen this week.
Headed up to Jackson Hole for a long weekend.
I mentioned to Kevin that I seemed to be eating slower than usual because he was finishing his meals before me.  He paused for a moment and then said, "Actually, I think you are just eating more than you used to!"
The truth hurts a bit but it's probably true since I'm hungry all the time.
We went on a sleigh ride and visited The Tetons.

Week 25: cauliflower: February 18
We went to parent-teacher conferences and received lots of congratulations.
Had a doctor's appointment this week.
159 heart beat, glucose test - yuck!, blood work, and measuring a week ahead at 26 weeks!
This was the first time my doctor said, "You are looking pregnant!"when she saw me.
Kevin got big news at work this week.

Week 26: head of lettuce: February 25
Baby Olive is moving more and more.
She used to mainly move at night but now I feel her moving throughout the day too.
My students are still very interested in all things baby and are always feeling/talking to my belly.
My back has been hurting a bit this week and I'm often waking up to numb hands.
Both seem to go away once I get going for the day which my doc said is completely normal...
The baby arrival date is now less than 95 days!  Where has the time gone?
I was reading my book for book club this month in bed one evening with my favorite lap kitty and my book got kicked off of my belly.  This marks the first time I've SEEN Olive moving!!  I could hardly believe my eyes and called Kevin in to witness the acrobatics.
Still hungry all the time for candy, fruit and snacks.


  1. You are such a stylish pregnant lady. :) And I love the name you chose. You're getting closer to the big day...


  2. You look great! Looking forward to your showers! Love, Mom


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