Saturday, February 9, 2013

Road Trip Las Vegas

The weather in Salt Lake has been freezing, 
snowy and inversiony (pollution hanging in the air) for WEEKS now!
So hubby had the brilliant idea to get away for a long weekend
to escape the weather and relax.
I required no convincing to jump on board with his grand plan.

We worked hard all week, zoomed home on Friday,
loaded the car and headed south.
We had our trip doctor approved 
so long as as long as I got out and stretched every few hours.

1. We were in town for three mornings 
and ate breakfast here e.v.e.r.y. morning.
Yes, the weather was nice enough for al fresco dining.

2. IF we were in the market for puppies,
these bulldog brothers would have come home with us.

 3. We'd never made it to the Premium Outlet Mall before when we were in Vegas
but this time the weather was amazing so we made it happen.
I got to take a peek in their Burberry, Micheal Kors, Tory Burch, Brooks Brothers shops
and actually made some purchases at Kate Spade & J Crew.
Hooray for outlet super sales!!

4. After a wild goose chase, traffic pile ups, confusing directions, and going into a restaurant that most definitely was not serving any food if you know what I mean, we finally ended up at the Luxor for the evening.
 We had dinner at Slice of Vegas
and pigged out on garlic bread & pizza.
and BONUS we got to watch IU play Michigan.
Our waiter was a Michigan fan so I'm hoping he didn't lick our food before it came out.

5. I'm obsessed with The Titanic and have always wanted to go to the museum at The Luxor.  It never worked out for us to go until this trip!!  Since admission was $35 per person, I went through by myself and met up with Kevin afterwards.  I was in heaven... artifacts, photos, mock ups of first class and third class rooms, a GIANT iceberg made of ICE, somehow getting the feeling you were on a cruise ship while touring the museum and seeing The Big Piece which is the largest section of the real Titanic that was brought to the surface.  It was so cool!  I'm a little bummed now that I'm such a rule follower and didn't take a single picture throughout the exhibit.  I did buy a few books for myself my students to enjoy.  If you get the chance, you should check this place out!

 6. Chocolates from my favorite Ruby Jane's candy shop.
I bought 4 of these (not to be eaten in one sitting of course)
but I was annoyed when the lady repeated "Four??" like I was some oinker.

 7. My hubby found us a great deal to stay at the Las Vegas Hilton
and we got to eat at Benihana since it was right downstairs!  It was SO good
and we sat with two other really fun couples.
I'm embarrassed to say that I never knew we had one in Salt Lake...

 8. It was hard to leave such lovely weather, good times & blue skies
but the getaway gave us some wind for our sails for the upcoming work week.

 Thanks for another great trip, Kev!

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