Friday, February 15, 2013

Registering for BABY

I've been looking forward to registering for baby girl for some time.
We finally decided to do it last weekend.
Our game plan was to eat dinner first 
and then head to Babies R Us.
We got signed in and received the royal treatment.

Sidenote: I felt super unprepared with the following questions...
Which diapers would you like to register for a year supply of??
What bottle system would you like you register for?
I felt like a kid in school who forgot to study for their test.
Luckily, we just blew it off and went to see the products before registering for them.
I had flashbacks to wedding registries of old where they try to get to you to preregister for bundles of things and more things than you could possibly ever need.  We resisted and went on our merry scanning way.

Here were the high points for me:
1.Getting a better feel for everything baby and exactly how much is needed - wow!
2. Watching Kevin have fun scanning things for our little girlHe was smiling from ear to ear and went wild scanning adorable little girl outfits, hats and girlie accessories.
3.  Realizing how much we already love this little girl, want everything to be safe and "the best" for her and we haven't even met her yet!  We enjoyed all 2+ hours we spent working on a wish list for her.

Hubby's high points:
1. Selecting a very cute and SAFE car seat/stroller combo.  Rest assured that we carried it around the store, pulled displays apart to snap things into place and practiced pushing the stroller around.  We even chatted with another couple to discuss safety ratings, styles, etc.  Sidenote: I laughed out loud when I saw the stroller accessories Kev had sneakily registered for... mosquito net to cover said carseat, drink holders for mom or dad, neck supports, airline flight bags for everything and plenty of clip on toys.  It's sweet to see my hubby taking such a vested interest in the process.
2. Checking out cribs: only the comfiest, sturdiest would do.
3. Top priorities for him: fun toys, comfy clothes, soft blankets, and ultra safe everything.

What do you think has been our biggest challenge to register for??
THE CRIB and bedroom furniture!!
We are making progress in both departments.

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