Monday, February 25, 2013

How do you know he loves you??

How does your husband show you he loves you??
My husband is really thoughtful and sweet.  He's always looking for nice things to do for me or with me to make me happy.  I work hard to do the same for him; both of us trying hard really makes our marriage run smoothly.
For example: He'll get take out for dinner on his way home from work, he'll help do the dishes, he does all the laundry, he rents movies he knows I'll like, he stays up late with me so we can go to bed together, he reads my blog, he takes my outfit pictures each day, he plans trips for us, he does research on all big purchases, he grills for us, he's full of compliments, he writes me notes, calls, texts and emails throughout the day, he goes grocery shopping with me and he just tries really hard to be a great husband.

Lately, I have been lucky enough to capture him being thoughtful on camera... 
Let me show you:

Kevin knows that I love taking pictures.  He has grown to appreciate taking pictures and being in pictures over our married life because he did not grow up doing a lot of this.  I, however, grew up with tons of photo ops and family pictures so I'm glad to have won him over.  He jumped out of the car to get a few great pictures while we were driving around the Tetons.  It was freezing, icy roads, sun was setting but he was eager to get a few more pictures to capture our weekend away for me.
 He stopped in a chocolate shop recently to get some peanut butter fudge for himself.  He decided baby and I needed a treat too so he grabbed two turtles for me.  I didn't even have to say that I was hungry (because I always am these days...) and he knew what I would order for myself.
 I noticed some elk on the shoulder of the road last weekend and pointed them out.  He caught a glimpse but decided we needed to turn around to get a better look.  I took some pictures from the car but he thought he could get some better ones if he went up by the fence.  So he climbed through the snow without a coat on to get some close ups of the field full of elk.  He was really proud of his pictures and I was impressed with his snowshoeing :)
He knows me really well and tries hard to do things "my way":
drinks: heavy on the ice, easy on the drink
chocolatey hot chocolate
eating with forks
lots of napkins
fresh salads
non-melty ice cream

What do you do to show love to those around you??
I have a few things in mind for this week already :)

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