Monday, February 18, 2013

And She Will be Called...

We started talking about baby names right away.
Bought a book, got an app on my phone and starting making lists.
I'd eliminate some of my husbands' and he'd eliminate some of mine.
We practiced saying them with our last name and eliminated some more.
We talked about many different names but this one just clicked.

Here were our requirements:
1. It could not be a name that was really popular right now
2. I had some names to eliminate from former students
3. We went through family names but didn't come up with anything we loved.
4. We wanted a name that would have some options -
name her Olive and call her Liv or Olive
5. We tried different combinations, tested out middle names,
practiced writing out her full name and told a few people our favorite names
6. Made sure she had a good monogram OKJ or OJK
because obviously this is paramount :)

Some of my favorite reactions to Olive:
"I love it!  It's so vintage and adorable!"
"I don't know anyone named Olive and I love it!"
"She has a unique name just like you."

What we learned after going through the process:
Choose a name you love even if you don't get rave reviews.  Make sure you and your husband are thrilled with it because it's YOUR baby.  Don't listen to nay sayers and try hard not to get your feelings hurt (warning: this is easier said than done).  Be CONFIDENT and ENJOY making this big decision with your spouse!!


  1. Such a darling name, it makes me want to steal it someday (but I won't :)). LoVe it!

  2. Love it!!! It really does sound vintage-y!!!! I love it and completely agree with the good monogram. That is definitely one of my requirements!!! Can't wait to see baby Olive!! A new little Irish fan!! Yayy

  3. Tres chic! She is in good company, sharing a name with Drew Barrymore's new baby girl. Love it. Very cute!


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