Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally Friday

I've been waiting for Friday for what seems like months.
I am glad that it's finally here so I can start making some plans.

The best parts of my week were:
1. I went on my first sleigh ride through the mountains in Wyoming this week!

2.  My husband made this comment the other day:
I wonder when smaller accessories are going to be back in style?
At the time I was wearing oversized dangly earrings and I asked him to explain.
Well it turns out that the diamond earrings and diamond bracelet that he bought me when we were dating were now classified as dainty. 
He'd noticed it had been a while since I'd worn them.
Ouch; but true as my accessories have grown larger and larger over the years.
So for Valentine's day I pulled out the bracelet he'd given me in high school.
I asked him to help me put it on in the morning and he was excited when he looked down to see which item I was putting on for the day.
I noticed myself smiling often as I glanced down at it all day long.
Lesson learned: I need to make an effort to wear it more often!

3. Baby Olive got some souvenirs from our recent road trip:
Jackson Hole onesie
ladybug puppet board book

 4. Here's what happens when you make a trip to the grocery store
while you are starving after a long day at work and are 25 weeks pregnant.
Cookie Crisp

5. I've hosted and attended many baby showers in my day.
Yet I'm still slightly in shock that these 2 upcoming showers are FOR ME!!
I can't wait!!
The baby countdown to 6.3.13 is going to be here before I know it.

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  1. Whitney, I like Baby Olive's Wyoming souvenirs!
    I ended up eating a lot of children's cereal when I was pregnant :)
    those shower invites are too cute.
    new follower,


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