Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome to October Waffles

I LOVE waffles
and was inspired by this post
to make Halloween themed waffles.

My mom found these adorable measuring cups
for me a few years ago.
They made this recipe extra fun!
Follow the recipe above for Bisquick waffles.
Round waffle iron required.  This model is my favorite.

You'll need orange, yellow and green food coloring.
I didn't measure out the batter, here's my best guesstimate:
Large amount of batter batter dyed orange.
Medium amount of batter dyed yellow.
Small amount of batter left the original color.
Extra small amount dyed green.
I was able to create 4 different kinds of waffles:
1. The pumpkin.  
Spoon orange batter in a circle 
and then add a dollop of green at the top.
2. The jack-o-lantern
I enjoy chocolate chips in my waffles 
so this face was the perfect addition!
3. Candy Corn
Circle of white in the middle.
Spoon orange in a circle surrounding the white.
Spoon yellow batter around the orange.
Too cute!
4. Witch's Brew 
I used all the leftover colors at the end to come up with this waffle!
Your family and friends would love these!


  1. Darn it! I just made these for breakfast - same waffle iron and all, but didn't see your post till now! Maybe next week I will make these for the kids :) They turned out so cute!

  2. Love this! You are always SO creative! Can't wait to forward this to my hubby! :)


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