Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Ship

Our ship was lovely.
Take a peek:
 We spent a lot of time just relaxing on the back deck of the ship.
PS Vera was a great traveler!
 Windows everywhere = a great view from any spot on the ship.
 The dining room where we ate breakfast, lunch and snacks.
 Pretty great view!
 They also had these windows on the floor so you could see what was under you.
 Amazing art all over the ship. 
Slots galore once you hit international waters.
Kevin's biggest win: $145 and mine was $75!
 Sports bar to catch up on our football.
We did manage to plan our cruise on a week that ND had a bye week. :)
 Great musicians performed all over the ship.
We really enjoyed all the different shows and performances.
 Cova Cafe was a hot spot for us.
 Wish I could have brought a pair of these chairs home with us!

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  1. I am impressed with your winnings! Next time we go to French Lick when you are home - you're coming with me and teaching me! :)

    I'm loving seeing everything - it looks like you had a fantastic time!!!!


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