Friday, October 7, 2011

Pizzeria Limone

A family at my school just opened a fun pizzeria.
I've taught several of their kids so it was neat to visit their restaurant.
I went with some of my teacher friends 
when we were taking a break from a day full of meetings.
It was quite a luxury to have over an hour for lunch 
to just sit and visit with friends.
We were all so used to eating quickly 
that we ended up with some additional time to swing by World Market!
I ordered the Margherita pizza minus the red onions, plus marinara, plus pepperoni.
They made the whole pizza right in front of you.
Very fresh and tasty!
 Limone Brownies are their specialty so of course we had to try them.
It was yummy but I think I would prefer a little less limone next time :)
 The pizza was delish and affordable!
We all got something different and LOVED them.
 I can't wait to go back!
You should give it a try if you are near Ft. Union around dinner time.

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