Friday, October 14, 2011

School Picture Day

Today is school picture day at my little elementary school
I've never been absent on picture day before.
I'm slightly traumatized about it.

I love seeing the kids all dressed up, 
or the kids who's parents missed the memo 
about it being picture day,
standing together for our class picture with the principal
and helping them straighten their collars, fix their hair 
and watch them practicing their smiles.

My favorite picture day story:
I suggested that my little Matthew should 
take off his jacket for the picture.
He agreed that was a good idea.
However, he quickly realized he was STUCK in his jacket.
He'd zipped it all the way up to his chin and it wasn't budging.
I had about 30 seconds to fix this catastrophe.
I started pulling and yanking on the zipper to no avail.
The zipper broke but only released half way up.
We got his arms out and I started pulling.
I wiggled, yanked, and stretched 
to get his head through the tiny head hole.
I somehow managed to get his jacket off and
he was lucky to not lose an ear in the process.
We were all laughing about this since the entire class
served as onlookers to this spectacle.
Mrs. Jordan saves the dayyyyyyy!!

Guess I can look forward to picture retakes in a few weeks...

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