Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brownie Sundae Shots

I purchased these a few weeks ago
 6 two ounce shot glasses with the hopes of making some individual sized desserts.
I was pleased that they were so affordable and have come across 
a lot of pint sized desserts that would be perfect for these!
 I cut my brownies into inch by inch squares.
Pressed them into the glasses.
Used my melon baller to scoop 1/2 fat vanilla ice cream balls.
Drizzled chocolate syrup on the ice cream.
And repeated until the glass was full.
Then I refroze them for a bit because I detest melty ice cream. :)
 Carefully drizzled chocolate syrup on top.
 Looks pretty tasty, huh?
 They turned out really pretty and were just as yummy as the look!
Whitney's Tips for YOU:
1. Don't press your brownies too hard into the bottom 
as it will make it hard for you to get them out to eat.
2. My glasses were 2oz and I'd recommend purchasing 3 oz
or using mini spoons for easy scooping in the 2oz.
3. Work quickly when you are assembling them.
4. They taste best if they are made shortly before you eat them.

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