Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY Fall Fest

We were in charge of 2 little girls for 2 days.
We stayed with them so their parents could get away for a bit.
I spent several days planning a FALL FEST to keep them entertained.

See why it's hard for me to get things done when yarn is involved??
Let the FALL FEST begin!!
Day 1:
 I made a FALL FEST board of about 40 fun things to do.
We read them with the girls and they helped hang up each activity.
We used masking tape to put each card up there.
 We played outside and went to the park.
 I got several good ideas from Bee in Our Bonnet here and  here
We used Sharpie markers to turn our oranges into jack-o-lanterns.
They were really traumatized when I peeled them later for a snack!  Who knew?
 Made indoor smores for dessert 
and they ate lots of chocolate chips & marshmallows helped.
 They appreciated their hostess with the mostess :)
 We went non-stop all evening, moved a few things to the "done" side of our chart 
and we were zonked out!
Day 2
Orangey manicures & pedicures 
Not too hard on the 8 year old.  T-R-I-C-K-Y to get the polish to dry on a 3 year old!
 I found this Halloween Pasta at World Market and they loved it for lunch!
 We sorted bugs by type, color, & size.  We made patterns and a giant bug train!
 We did a lot of art.
 The girls helped me make Halloween Confetti Cupcakes.  
They were able to add in ingredients, stir and lick the spatula!
 We used candy corn sprinkles.
 We made handprint spiders.
Ate Halloween Oreos.
 My favorite project... Spider headbands!!
 Aren't they cute!?!?
 Kevin had to go to work for a bit but when he returned he was ready for fun!
They jumped on the trampoline.
We chocolate dipped Oreos, Nutter Butters (supposed to be ghosts...) and 
made pretzel spiderwebs with m&m spiders.
 We did weavings.
Lots of other art projects:
Leaf rubbings 
Made our own jewelry
We got to do all but two activities that I'd planned.
They really loved choosing items, doing them and them moving them to the other side.
My first FALL FEST was a success!
It kind of wore me out, but the girls were in heaven.

I found this note stuck in my purse the next day:

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  1. i want you to be my babysitter! LOL! what a fun 2 days! :)


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