Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweeny School Day

Halloween is a B.I.G. deal at my school.
The parents plan the festivities and I just sit back and enjoy.

Here is a little recap of our day today:
 1. Make your own spider & Halloween bookmark
 2. Fun catch the ghost game:
Each child made a ghost & put it on a string.
They had to put it in the circle
and if their number was called they had to pull their ghost out.
One student was the ghost hunter and had to try to catch the ghost before it got away.
They paid one penny to the hunter if they got caught.
The winner had the most coins at the end.
 3. Hanging donuts: eat it without using your hands.
The first one done is the winner.
 4. Halloween Ski ball
Each bucket had a point value and they had 6 ping pong balls to toss.
The winner had the most points.
 5. Halloween treat bags for each child.
 6. Witch's Brew made by this cute couple.
The dad read the spooky recipe and got really into it.
The mom put in all the creepy ingredients.
The kids loved it!
 Everything is better with dry ice. :)
 7. S.U.G.A.R.
 8. Bingo & outfit #2 for me
 9. Cute labels on the favors.
 10. A few of my very enthusiastic teacher friends!
 PS My kids LOVED my costume. :)

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