Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Balsamic Roasted Pork with Berry Salad

 I tore this recipe out from the September '11 Good Housekeeping Magazine.
I made a few changes:
Tripled the marinate/dressing recipe
 Bake on 375 for one hour.
Take out onions a little early.
 I cut the pork loin in half about 40 minutes into baking 
because I was paranoid about serving raw meat.
I was also nervous about cooking a pork loin
seeing as I don't do it very often.
Definitely phoned my mom for some tips.
I wonder if I'll always call my mom with questions when I'm cooking?
I HOPE so!
 I made some Aborio Rice/Risotto for a side.
I'd highly recommend this!
 Berry/Spinach Salad:
 Sliced after the pork had rested for 5 minutes.
Placed on top of a bed of red onions.
 Pretty plate if I do say so myself!
 We both enjoyed this new recipe.

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