Sunday, October 23, 2011


I always enjoy shopping while on vacay.
Here's what we brought back from this trip:
1. Paper Mache carrots from Cozumel... 
Kevin thought I was nuts for buying them 
but I'm confident they will look fabulous with my spring decor! 
 2. Colorful wooden sugar scoop from Key West
 2. I always try to pick up some jewelry... got these bangles from Key West.
 4. I have a magnet collection on my filing cabinet at school 
from all the places we've traveled.
 5. Glass pumpkin from Key West.
 6. We always get a Christmas ornament to remember the places we've visited.
 7. Kevin's Mexican coffee cup.
 9. Hand-carved Mexican owl.
10. We got a few other random things that I'm forgetting about...

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