Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What WE Wore Wednesday

Our favorite looks of the last two weeks are documented here.  We get dressed every day and leave the house most days, but tend to only take pictures of our favorite outfits.  Does that ever happen to you??  I have tons of pictures of Olive and I've found it's harder to make time to document my own outfits.  My hubby is good about taking my outfit pictures and I'm trying to jump in more pictures.  I met my fashion goals of documenting a casual look, wearing a variety of accessories and dress up for church.  
Here are my favorite looks of the week: 

1. Sunday Best - church & donuts
dress & cardigan - JCP
flats - Payless
Olive's dress was a gift & her shoes are from Stride Rite

 2. Olive's Outfits:
It's still really warm in Mississippi so Olive is getting a lot of miles out of her summer wardrobe.  She got to wear this adorable gray & white outfit from a little boutique in Salt Lake City to a play date.

 Then her birthday dress from GAP made another appearance this week 
because it's just so darn cute.  I'd highly recommend buying GAP baby clothes for your little one but never pay full price.  They are always running sales or have discount coupon codes you can find online.  The quality of the clothes is amazing and they hold up really well in the wash.  This dress was purchased in May, has been worn several times and it looks brand new.

 3. Out and About
cardigan - Dillards
chambray top - JCP
scarf - Target
jeans - Wal-Mart
earrings - Francesca's
bracelet & mocs - travel souvenirs

 I met my fashion goals of documenting a casual look, wearing a variety of accessories and dress up for church.  My fashion goals for the upcoming week(s):
incorporate more scarves, wear my new leopard flats, wear something striped
and take some pictures with my real camera

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  1. So cute - all of you! Your eyes are so pretty and really stand out with those pretty colors on.

  2. Really cute outfits - on both of you! Love your scarf!

  3. So darling! I love her outfit for the play date! Stopping by from Shanna's link up : ).


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