Monday, September 1, 2014

Raincoat Perfection

 It rains A LOT in Mississippi
so I've come to the conclusion that a raincoat is a necessity.
It's nearly impossible to manage a diaper bag, baby, umbrella, car keys and bags so I think a nice rain coat would make my life easier.
Monogrammed Rain Jacket Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts-Adult Sizes

I've been on the hunt for one and I can't get these monogrammed jackets out of my head.  There are tons of options on etsy but this $60 option stands out.  I love the hood, the monogram and the fitted style of the jacket.  I'm a little leery of buying a personalized (read non-returnable) jacket on-line so I've yet to pull the trigger.  Do you have any favorite shops to recommend??  I'm even open to buying a jacket in stores and having it monogrammed on my own.


  1. I'm also on the hunt for a cute rain coat - and I've been so surprised that they are nowhere to be found in our stores! It rains a ton here too, mostly I have to have a coat. Never thought of shopping Etsy for a rain coat, thanks! Good luck with your search :)

  2. I have this rain coat that it the rubbery type from the 90s.. but the sleeves are too short so it defeats the purpose! lol I know Columbia has some pretty good rain coats. I know they'll have the Columbia embroidered on it, but you could get a monogram on there. Those are cute though! I'd have trouble picking out what color I'd want!!!

  3. Check out Marley Lilly. If you follow their Instagram account, they post coupons and flash sales pretty frequently.

  4. Make sure your hood has a string on it....a too-loose hood doesn't help (I found this out the hard way!)


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