Friday, September 12, 2014

I Confess...

I have a few confessions to share with y'all this week.
1. I got invited to afternoon tea at my neighbor's house.  I thought it was sweet and agreed to come over.  The only problem is that I don't like tea.  It seems like EVERYONE guzzles tea in the South, but I'd much prefer lemonade.  I decided to go and do my best to fake being a tea lover.  She had tea with the fixins (sugar and lemons) and cloth napkins set out for us.  She asked how I liked my tea and I tried to sound like a pro.  Oh, I'm not that picky.  How about you fix mine how you like yours?  So I got iced tea with some sugar and fresh lemon juice.  I drank my whole glass making sure not to chug it because then I'd be likely to get a refill.  I sipped, smiled and choked it down.  She also thought ahead and got Olive Cheerios to enjoy during our little date.  Maybe I'll learn to love tea eventually...

2. I confess that I get excited when I come across another Whitney blogger or a blog with polka-dots in the title.  I'm definitely partial to those two things and don't know why it makes me so happy to find people who have things in common with me.

3. I've noticed that I've been writing and saying Y'ALL a lot more.  People in Mississippi have pretty thick Southern accents and I feel like it's already rubbing off on me.

4. I was sitting in a waiting room this week and overheard an awkward conversation.  Olive was mesmerized by this woman and would not quit staring at her which only made the following conversations even more awkward.  She came into the waiting room and said to what I assumed was her mom, Well the doctor says it's stuck in there.  She can't get it out and I'll likely have to have surgery.  She tried real hard to get it out but it was not coming out.  I have no clue what she was talking about, but I was grossed out.

5. I haven't taken a picture with my real camera in months.  I need to charge the batteries and get it out!  I have a nice DSLR and there's no excuse for it to be gathering dust.

6.  I confess that I hate being home alone.  Single parenting bites.  Sleeping alone is the worst and I don't like being the only adult at my house.  Luckily, my husband rarely travels for work so I don't have to deal with this often.

7. Every time I drive through the bank drive through I manage to not pull up close enough to reach the bank drive through tube.  I have to open my door, take off my seat belt, inevitably hit my head on the door and just look like a fool.  I'm sure that the teller gets a good laugh at watching me each week.

8. Our church search continues in Mississippi.  We made a 2nd visit to a church last weekend and it did not go well.  People barely talked to us, the pager that the nursery gave us wasn't working so the nursery coordinator had to come into the sanctuary to tell me Olive was having a mental meltdown and they needed me to come back there ASAP and the service was over an hour.  The three of us came home from church and all took naps to recover from that.  We have plans to try a different church this weekend.

9. I think it's very odd that sweatshirts have now been named pullovers.  The new name reminds me of pullups and I can't imagine why someone thought it necessary to change the name. 

10. I hate squeaky doors and just WD40'd every door in our house to save my sanity.

Do you have any confessions to share today??


  1. I've recently forced myself to get better about taking pictures with my DSLR. There are tons of helpful/motivating info graphics on Pinterest...

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Dude...the whole alone thing? SUCKS! I've gone to bed "alone" way too frequently lately. The cover to my novel is all polka dots which just lets you know HOW much I love polka dots :-D Happy friday, love!

  3. I love that you asked her to make your tea the way she liked hers. How polite! I will remember that line the next time someone offers me something I don't care for.

    I LOL'ed at your bank drive through mishaps! I do the same thing - the worst case is when I'm driving our big SUV and I can't reach down into the basket thingy at Walgreens' pharmacy drive through (I'm 4'10" and my arms are not long). SO embarrassing!

    I like bloggers named Whitney, too! :)

  4. ha ha! What a great list! Don't worry about not liking tea! Just think of all those calories you're saving yourself! Southern tea is so SWEET. I've found myself very inclined to say "y'all" too, but I've been fighting it a little bit. I think being in the south has relaxed my way of speaking or something?
    I'm with ya on the single parenting thing. This week Jon has been working some 16 hour days lately and I think I've texted "no gusta single parenting" to him about 3 times. Hard work!
    Have a great weekend - I'll be praying for "y'all" on sunday! :)

  5. growing up a sweatshirt was always a pull over, now we just call them a sweater etc..
    I am glad fall is here, it is the best time of the year

  6. Whitney. "y'all" is a fine word. I have been saying it all my life. My mother was a Kentuckian so quite naturally that was a word we heard quite often. Tried to break the habit but just decided to go with the flow..And yes I hear southerners love real sweet tea but not for me. Keep on blogging as I so enjoy reading them. Give little Olive a kuss for me...Livep Gram


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