Thursday, September 4, 2014


Couponing is an easy way to save some cash at the grocery store each week.  In the past, We would clip coupons from the Sunday paper and I've heard that you can buy the Sunday paper at The Dollar Tree for $1.  I need to give this tip a try to see if it's true in my area because I miss getting those additional coupons each week.

We currently print coupons from
They are free, easy to print and we are able to find coupons for many things we buy.  The coupons change frequently so check back often.  I always take a peek at the coupons before deciding on my menu for the week.
We also take advantage of our local grocery store coupons and load them onto our savings card.  Kroger is our favorite store and their extra coupon deals make prices very similar, if not cheaper, than Wal-Mart.  Go to the Kroger website to see their deals.  You can load them onto your saving card with just one click.  I also plan my meals around their weekly sales.

I make note of the coupon on my grocery list so I know exactly what to buy.  I'll list the quantity, size of item and specific variety that I have to buy so that I can successfully use my coupon.  I'll also highlight items that are on my kroger card or on an app.  I use Ibotta and Checkout51 for coupon rebates.  They don't work instantly so I take care of them when I get home.

 My helpers are eager to assist me with couponing each week.  My sidekick (Olive) always comes to the grocery store with me so I try to be as efficient as possible when shopping.  I write my list in order that I walk through the store.  I start with produce, meats, cheeses, work my way through the middle of the store, hit the frozen/dairy sections and the health care items.  This way I'm not backtracking through the store and can keep everyone happy.  Might sound a bit neurotic, BUT I assure you it saves my sanity while we're shopping and keeps things pretty stress free.  Win-win for both of us.
I'm not a perfect couponer by any stretch.  I have been known to have an expired coupon or two in my pile or to drop a coupon while I'm shopping.  I enjoy saving some money each week and stretching our grocery budget a bit.

Do you have any tips for me?  
Any sites or places where you go to get coupons?


  1. I love using coupons - it's such a great way to save money! My favorite coupon site is You can pick the stores you frequent, and then make your shopping list from the things in the sale ad right on the site. It even tells you which coupons you can use on that product!

  2. Southern savers is awesome. I follow them on Facebook

  3. I wish I could master the whole couponing thing. It just overwhelms me
    You are not the only one who organizes your list by department
    I so do that too- such a time saver and with two kids in tow, I like to get in and out as quickly as possible.

  4. Another great site to follow is ... Carrie is fantastic at breakdown exactly how to get the best deal - where to get the coupons and even has a database for coupons. So if you're looking for "Plum Organics" you can type that in and it will pop up if there are any and where you can get them. Great website!! She also breaks down each store and what the bargains are for the week.


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