Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Memorizing Numbers

I saw this question posted somewhere yesterday
and it got me thinking.

What phone numbers do you have memorized?

I have very few numbers committed to memory.

If my phone died or lost all of my contacts, I'd be LOST.
My dad, on the other hand, is a walking phone book.  He seems to know everyone's phone number by heart.  He rattles phone numbers off with ease and usually types in each number when he goes to call someone.  Maybe I should be more like my dad?? or give him my contact list to memorize - haha!

I've racked my brain and it looks like I'd be able to call:
my own phone
my husband
my MIL
my dad

How is it possible that I can't remember my mom's or my siblings numbers?  I have people that I can regularly and their numbers completely escape me.  Yikes...

That's it, folks!  I could only call THREE people.
Maybe I need to pay more attention to people's phone numbers
just pray that I never lose my contact list in my phone.

How many phone numbers do you have memorized?
I'm guessing it's more than THREE!


  1. Couldn't begin to say how many I know by heart, but probably only because I don't have a cell phone although I could use it on my house phones. I still remember my childhood ph number. It was 28290. Back when we has 5 numbers. Carl only knows 2 and 1 of them is no longer in business.I guess our mind gets lazy...Love Gram

  2. I have been so spoiled with a cell phone, sometimes I even give my number out wrong... I need to work on memorizing some numbers!


  3. NOPE!! all i know is chris' and my moms!!! although i know my mom's cell and her home! okay and i think her work number too. but if my mom's not available i'd be in trouble!!


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