Monday, September 15, 2014

Toddler, Potty, Monitor... HELP!

Calling all mom's, nanny's, babysitters, aunts and ladies!!!

I'm in the market to buy a baby potty and a video monitor
there are about a million different varieties out there
and it's pretty overwhelming.

POTTY Preferences
I would love a one piece potty that is portable.  I tend to lean towards simply, non-character, sleek sort of things, but I do realize we are talking about a mini toilet so I'm open to suggestions.  No, I do not need it to have an ipad holder attached to it.  Just looking for a basic potty for Olive.

I have used an audio monitor for Olive up to this point because it was FREE from a friend, but now that she's mobile and such, I'd love to have a video monitor.  I don't need the fanciest, high def image and would love to hear your personal accounts of what you love (or if you have one you hate please tell me that so I can avoid that particular one :)  I'm open to ones that are compatible with your cell phones, but am a little hesitant for something else to be competing with my battery usage.

A friend and I were having a conversation about monitors the other night and both agreed that the on-line reviews are confusing and helpful all at the same time.  It's a bit of an investment so we were both hesitant to pull the trigger on getting monitors for our girls.

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom!!
Clearly, I'm hoping to find a potty like the one my parents bought for me when I was a toddler - haha.  Guess it's good to know that potties are portable :)


  1. Stopping by from Mama Monday's link up. We really like our video monitor and don't have many complaints about it. Ours is a little nontraditional in that it isn't baby monitor specific, it's more of a surveillance camera. We have the Belkin Netcam. What we love about it is we can log on from our phones to watch him and don't have to be in a certain radius to gain access. It is both audio and visual which we love. The downfall is you need a tablet or phone to actually serve as your monitor. You need to remember to plug whatever device you are using into a charger each night since it drains the battery pretty quickly. You also need to make sure you have a strong internet connection. Other than that we love it and haven't had any problems.

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  3. This is the potty we used with Amelia and it's great! I have a similar photo of Amelia using her potty on the side of the road in snow.

  4. All the families I nannied for used the AngelCare video monitors, and that's what my bff got (her baby was born the last week of August), but I'm pretty sure that's a "fancy" one or at least expensive. I'm not entirely sure if they sell the monitor separately from the breathing monitor, but I'd imagine they do!

  5. We prefered to use the little toilet seat that you put on top of the big toilet. Kinda like this:

  6. We aren't to the potty training stage yet, so I have no recommendations there, but we do have a Motorola video monitor and love it! We didn't buy the most expensive one, but we also didn't buy the cheapest. I wouldn't go with the cheapest of the cheap because it probably won't work right, and then you'll feel frustrated...At least that was my thinking! :)

  7. We have both a portable potty and a seat that goes on the big kid potty and have had more success with the seat. It's arm and hammer brand and SO easy to keep clean. I believe they also make a portable potty. As far as monitors, we have the basic Summer brand monitor and have only had one issue with it and the company replaced it immediately! It will especially come in handy when you move her to a toddler bed!

  8. We have a Motorola monitor and I dig it. We got the bigger screen simply because I can adjust the camera from the parent unit.

  9. We bought a super cheap potty chair from ikea. Our little is not even 18 months old, so we just asks her if she wants to sit on it periodically and sometimes she does. Seems pretty portable. We have a motorolla video monitor and LOVE it. I know it was expensive (got it as a gift) but we use it EVERY DAY.

  10. Be sure to update with what you purchase for the potty chair--I've started looking but there's so many options.

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget


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