Tuesday, September 30, 2014

15 Month Well Check

Olive and I went to her 15 month well check last week.
We were meeting her new pediatrician and were hoping we would like her.  Olive's had 3 pediatricians in 3 different states so far and we were hopeful we'd find another good one.  Our sweet Bunny came along because we rarely leave home without Bunny these days and I was hopeful that she'd be more relaxed with her BFF in tow.  

 The office staff and nurse were all really nice.  Olive had lots to "say" to all of them and seemed to be pretty happy to be there.  She explored the room, didn't mind being measured and loved 90% of the visit.  She did not appreciate having to sit still to get her eyes/ears/nose/heart checked out and she really did not appreciate the FOUR shots she had to get.

 Olive's 15 Month Stats:
Height: 33inches (97th percentile)
Weight: 24lbs 10oz (70th percentile)
Head: 48cm (92nd percentile)

She's always had a biggish head, her weight has always been in the 70s but she's hit some kind of toddler growth spurt and it appears that she might be a tall one.
She has 11 teeth.
 Her pediatrician has a 14 month old so we were swapping stories of tantrums, picky eating, biting, potty training, dentists, and rear facing car seats.  Her doctor said she's got great language skills already - whoa, wow, what's this?, hey ma, shoe, cat, nummy and down - and that she's doing great!  Keep doing what we're doing!!

Olive always got shots in her legs until this visit when they did one in her arm.  She grabbed her arm after the nurse put on her bandaid and said OWWWWWWWWWWWWW in a very sad/pitful way.  The nurse felt terrible and I was impressed that she said owww in a very appropriate situation.  

We hurried home to nap and she woke up good as new.
 Picking flowers for her mama and watching the airplanes fly over our house.

Looks like our next visit will be around Christmas so long as she stays healthy.

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  1. Olive is such a cutie pie! I love all her expressions. What a sweetie!


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