Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Olive @ 15 Months

Olive is at such a fun, funny & frustrating stage of life right now.  She can be silly, imitate and tries hard to do everything herself.  She doesn't care to hear the words NO or STOP and she'll often respond with a "yeah" when she's told "no".

Notable Things for this Month:
-she's walking great, unless she's tired, and then she stumbles around
-she is my shadow and doesn't want me out of her sight
-she's not a fan of being left in church nurseries and we are often paged to come and "rescue" her before her hour time is up
-Olive helps me make my bed by handing me every pillow one at a time.  I say thank you and lots of clapping is involved.  It
-she watches us like a hawk and wants to do what we do
-she brings us our shoes, says shoe and then wants to go somewhere.  It amazes me that she'll bring me a pair of shoes for myself and for her.  How does she already know how to match things?
-she insists on throwing away her diaper after I change her
-she unloads the dishwasher with me and her job is to hand me the silverware (minus the knives obviously).  She carefully hands them to me one at a time and I say thank you.  It takes ten times as long as me doing it myself but it's ten times cuter when she helps.  It's a fun game.
-after dinner she helps clear the table - her job is to bring the pot holders, salt and pepper shakers and any other small items into the kitchen for me.  She'll clap for herself after she hands me the item.
-lots of clapping for herself
-Olive tries hard to grab our cell phones.  She watches them closely so she can crab them when we aren't looking.
-Everything is a pretend phone.  She has long conversations with her toys, the remote, shoes, etc. that all start with HI followed by tons of babbling.
-she's fascinated with jewelry and makeup so she'll be my little helper when I get ready.  I have a bowl full of things that are safe for her to play with when I get ready.
-she's still a cheese/bread/crunchy carbaholic
-she'll take big sips of her water/milk and dramatically say AHHHH in between
-she wants to color on every piece of paper she sees.  I keep the pens out of her reach and let her have art time each day.  If she sees me writing she insists on joining in the list making fun.
-She can point to her eyes, nose and mouth and she'll do the same to me.  She loves eye lashes and thinks it's hilarious to touch them.  It's all fun and games until she nearly pokes your eye out.
-She head butts like crazy.  Tell her no or try to make her do something she does not want to do and her head starts flying.  It's something I pray she outgrows fast because girl's got a big noggin and it hurts!
-Olive still attracts a lot of attention when we are out and about.  She's selective with who she will interact with and her favorites seem to be little old ladies, kids and women.  She'll usually hide from men that try to talk to her.

The Most Frustrating Things for Her:
not being able to climb on everything
constantly being redirected
smashing her fingers in drawers over and over
having to sit still to get her diaper changed
putting clothes on or having her clothes changed
being bucked in her car seat
not being able to chew on every item I put in our shopping cart
Her Words:
shooo for shoe
nummy nummy for all food
yeah for yes
Hi Ma when she sees me or when I get her from her crib
choo choo for a train
whoa for anything she's proud of
gin for again

Favorite Pictures from this month:



Toddler life is pretty grand!

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  1. She's just too cute--I always love your pics of her! She just always looks so happy:) Isn't it cute now that they're learning to talk? Kane will go to the refrigerator door and sam "yum" when he wants food.lol

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget


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