Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hummingbird Boycott

I got a hummingbird feeder for a housewarming gift and I have really enjoyed it.  I put in on our window facing the backyard and after a few days the hummingbirds started fighting over it.  They loved it and it was quite entertaining to watch them.  Then I noticed it was covered in ants one day.  The ants and gotten into the water and the hummingbirds were boycotting the ant infested feeder.
I removed the whole feeder and hand washed it.  Once it was clean, I refilled the sugar water and put it back in place on the window.  The hummingbird boycott continues.  They won't come near it and are drinking from the flowers all around it.
So my question is...
how do I bring the hummingbirds back to the feeder????


  1. We have had GREAT success with our feeders thanks to my husband's incessant internet research. There are a few things that will drive your hummers away. First is mold. If the little holes where they drink are moldy, they won't come back. We had to buy a special little tiny brush and we wash ours with vinegar to contain the mold. Also, make sure your liquid is sweet enough....you need 1 part sugar to 4 parts water at least. They won't come back if it's not sweet enough. Hope that helps!

  2. If your feeder is clean and no bugs they should return. Never let water get too old. Our male hummers have now departed and soon the rest will follow. We have had one on guard duty, but he he has his post. By the end of Sept. they will all be gone. But we have spent another enjoyable season with oyr little friends. Our feeder hangs on a wire and we have to keep it greased so the ants don,t come. It works...Live Gram

  3. Looks like I should have proofed my post. Sorry about the spelling. Gram

  4. I simply adore that picture of Olive on the kitchen stool..Among others...
    Live Gram


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