Thursday, September 11, 2014

Store Brands Aren't So Bad

The word generic has such a negative connotation.  It sounds like you're buying something that's not quite as good as the name brand or a sub par product.  I think store brands have come a long way over the years and are really competitive now.  I've found myself purchasing more and more of them because
1. they are usually less expensive than the name brands
2. they go on special sales
3. they are very comparable to the original

Wal-Mart's store brand: 
Great Value

Kroger's store brands:
Heritage Farm (for fresh foods)
Psst (shelf foods)
Check this Out (non food items)

Target's store brand: 
Up & Up

I tend to avoid buying store brand chips, cereals, ice cream, chapstick, cough drops, beauty products and meats.  I've found that these are not as good as the brand names that I love.   I'll go for the store brand version of the following items as long as I don't have a coupon for a better deal on a name brand version of it. 

My Store Brand Favorites:
paper towels
paper products
bottled water
cool whip
Rice Krispies
frozen veggies
makeup wipes

I definitely still do buy name brand things - cereal, chips, drinks, cleaning products and other household things - but I can't pass up a great deal on store brand items that are nearly identical.

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  1. I haven't tried any of Target's Up&Up products that I haven't liked! I especially love their makeup remover wipes.


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