Thursday, September 18, 2014

New to the Neighborhood Discounts

When you move to a new address and officially change your address with the post office, be sure to take care of it on-line.  It'll ask you if you'd like to receive coupons from local places to help you with your move.  Click the box asking for all coupons and enter your email address.  Some coupons will be sent to you electronically and others will show up in your mailbox.

We ended up getting discount coupons to
Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Pier One, Pottery Barn, Bed Bath and Beyond and tons more.

We got local coupons for:
one free gallon of paint
free donuts
buy one get one free dinners at local restaurants
Whole Foods sent coupons for:
1. One free to go dinner and salad and 2. free pasta & marinara sauce

We were eager to check out the store nearby so we headed there one afternoon.  I love walking through their store and see what they have on sale.  Their prices are too high for me to shop there every week so I take advantage of their sales.

Olive loved the Olive Bar :)

We selected Turkey meat loaf, mac & cheese and black eyed peas from their prepared dinner section.  They also had a lasagna option that looked good.
 And a yummy salad.

The meal was really tasty and we save $20 with the coupon!
I'm not normally a meatloaf fan,
but we both LOVED this turkey meat loaf.
So much so that I've pinned a few turkey meat loaf recipes to try.

We also picked up our free pasta and marinara sauce
which saved us about $5.
Hooray for a $25 coupon that gave us 3 dinners!!

My thrifty question for you this week:
I've noticed that meat has gotten to be really pricey.
I've seen coupons for ground turkey and sometimes sausage but have never had much luck finding meat coupons.  I'm interested to know if you guys are getting great deals at Sams or your local grocery stores on meat.
Where do you get the best deal on meats?


  1. We get beef and pork from my family's farm, but the few times I've had to purchase it, I've noticed that it's MUCH cheaper if you go to the meat counter vs getting the prepackaged. Chicken breasts are 1.99 a pound at the counter vs 6.99 (or higher!) prepackaged. That's usually at Harris Teeter but I've noticed the Fresh Market runs weekly deals at their meat counter too!

  2. Just last night, I told Paul not to expect beef very often until after the holidays. We will be eating chicken and pork, and the occasional ham/turkey when they go on sale. Rarely ever do we see coupons for meat - and if you do, it's a coupon like "buy A1 sauce and get $1 off beef." Last winter I bought chicken legs, thighs and whole chickens at Costco for $.99/lb. (my buy price), but I don't know if it will be that cheap this year. The best thing to do is ask the butcher at your grocery store (Kroger probably does this) when they mark down their meat. You can find steaks, ground beef, etc. marked down as much as 50% the day it is supposed to by "sold by." Hope that helps!

  3. That is pretty cool they offer local coupons when you move! Did not know that...


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