Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Friday!!

I'm thrilled that it's Friday for a number of reasons... my husband was out of town for part of the week and being a single parent is no joke - I'm exhausted!, I am excited to watch some football and I'm hoping to get a few projects done around the house.  

The best parts of my week were...

 1. I made a fun, Fall wreath for my front door.  Be sure to check back on Monday for a full tutorial and instructions to make your own.  I love making wreaths and am hoping to buy some yellow mums for my yard this weekend to complete the outdoor Fall decorations.

2. My sweet neighbor, Maybelle, took me out to lunch and gave me a tour of her favorite spots in the neighborhood.  She's lived in Missisippi her whole 60+ year life so it was fun to get some insider tips.  We ate at a cute little cafe, had fun conversations, walked around shops and enjoyed several hours together.  She seemed to know everyone so I think it was fun for her to introduce me to her friends.  She's a woman after my own heart because she's really organized and had collected all of the local papers/magazines to share with me.  She loves it here and wants to make sure that I feel welcome.  Mission accomplished, Maybelle.

 3. I shared some healthy recipes on the blog this week and my favorite was this Quinoa Taco Dip.  It's perfect for football season with all the appetizers and game day food.  I am a newbie to cooking with quinoa so I'm always on the hunt for new recipes.

 4. I made my first pumpkin treat of the season.
Mini Harvest Muffins.
We ate a bunch of them because they were tasty and I ended up sharing them with our neighbors so I wouldn't eat all of them.

5. This is our first Fall in our new house.  I was thrilled to get out the pumpkins and fall decor this week.  I love having a mantle to decorate.  I usually start putting out pumpkins in September, add jack-o-lanterns and Halloween things in October, and then go back to just pumpkins with a few turkeys in November.  That way my pumpkin/fall decor can stay out for all of fall.  I'm still hoping to make a fun bunting for the mantle and do a few more things to complete the look.  I also have to remind my husband e.v.e.r.y. year that the candy corn is just for decoration and it's OLD.  It never fails that he tries to eat my decorations - haha!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  1. Sounds like you have the quintessential Southern and all! I'm so glad you're experiencing some Southern hospitality! Those candy corn treat bags are adorable. I decorated with candy corn one year and just gave up - it disappeared no matter what I said. :)

  2. All of these fall pictures are making me so excited!! Your wreath looks fantastic. And what a great neighbor you have!

  3. LOVE the wreath and fall decor! Bring on Fall! Happy weekend! xoxo

  4. Your decor is so cute!!! I love it! And those muffins ... mmmm!!!


  5. Being at home without my husband always gives me such admiration for single parents! Love your decor!!

  6. I love that wreath! I love all your Fall Decor for that matter!
    Hope you and Hubby has a good weekend
    Your so right, being a single mom would be so tough

  7. Love all of your fall decorations!!! The ribbons add a little extra to your pumpkins and candy jars. Those muffins look super yummy!
    Have a blessed weekend!


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