Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Brand Collaborations

I love finding great products and fantastic small businesses.
I was lucky enough to win a few contests lately and get introduced to new brands.

The first one was 
A Flexi-Edge Floor and Wall Duster from e-cloth
I love how easy it is to clean my floors with it.

The second it an instagram shop called TheGreenLilac.
I measured Olive's head and sent her the size and some color suggestions.  She came up with the assortment and threw in a fun clip for Olive to grow into.  I love the attention to detail and how everything is uniquely handmade.
Check out @thegreenlilac on instagram for great deals on hair accessories!

I only promote brands that I truly enjoy using and have been very happy with.  I love working with businesses and would love to work with you!!  I am always on the lookout for new brands that fit with my personal brand so get it touch with me if you think we could collaborate.

Do you have a brand you'd like for me to promote?
An etsy shop?  A boutique? or an on-line shop?
I'd love to work with you!!
Email me at polkadottyplace@hotmail.com

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