Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Attention to Eyebrows

The whole beauty world is abuzz about eyebrows these days so I figured it was time to jump on board.  My sister raved about her eyebrow routine so she gets the credit for getting me started.

I've never really had unruly eyebrows, had to trim them or wax and I usually keep them plucked.  Except for that time I forgot to for a few months and realized I had a unibrow.  I blame baby brain and my husband for that faux pas.  I informed Kevin that it's his job to make sure it doesn't happen again.  Yikes...

The last time I was home (Indiana) I asked my sister to give me a little eye brow makeover.  She agreed and took a few pics for me.
It was a hot, sweaty Indiana day so sorry for the excessive shine.
 Olive was a bit skeptical, but was eager to see the results.

Not a crazy difference but it's nice to have some definition along with something to frame my face a bit.  I liked the color and would stick with something very similar to my hair color.
Thanks, Sis!

I've since picked up an inexpensive eyebrow pencil from Cover Girl called "brow and eye makers" and been really happy with it.  I saw cremes, brow wands and such in the stores, but I wanted to start with a basic pencil.  Once I incorporate it into my routine, I'll reevaluate and decide if I want to upgrade from my starter product.  It was $3.97 at Wal-Mart for two pencils

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  1. I've been using that brow pencil for several years now! It's pretty easy to work with, forgiving and can be blended with a lighter shade if my hair has been highlighted.


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