Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Talk: Healthy Snacking

I am a snacker.
I admit it and blame my toddler.
She likes to snack and I find myself snacking right along with her.

However, I've noticed that she wants to eat whatever I'm eating.
So if I'm eating junk, she wants junk.
If I'm eating healthy, she wants a healthy snack.

No pressure :)

It's made me up my snacking game a bit 
and plan healthy snacks versus just snacking on carbs all day.
She loves goldfish, pretzels and anything crunchy.
I'm trying to get her to branch out a bit.

// HUMMUS //
Olive LOVES hummus so we eat it often.
She loves carrots and cucumbers dipped in it
and will lick her plate if she runs out of dippers.

We share an apple and dip in in peanut butter

I keep a block of sharp cheddar cheese and crackers 
on hand most of the time so we can have this snack any day.

I buy the pouches at Sams and we share one.
I shell the beans for her and she wolfs them down.

I'll make one piece of toast and cut her off a section.
She usually takes it apart an eats one ingredient at a time.

I buy the lightly salted ones,
spread pb on top and then share.

I'm not a huge fan of peas, but OMG are these good.
They are salty, crunchy and good for you.
I might like these more than Olive does, but they are really good.

I'll make one big big share with her.  She usually sticks to her side and we both enjoy eating whatever fruits we have for the week.  I almost always do bananas and one other fruit topped with vanilla yogurt and granola.

We opt for healthy snacks most days,
but some days we have cookies :)
Everything in moderation right?!?!

What are you favorite snacks to fix for yourself or your kids??
I'm always up for new ideas :)

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  1. The snap pea company also makes lentil crisps and another one that I'm blanking on. The flavored ones are also super delicious.

  2. Such fun ideas! Pinning now!


  3. I have so become a snacker too! (Well... who am I kidding... I was always a snacker at heart before kids) But these are some fun ideas for us to try! Elizabeth is still rocking the same 5 teeth she's had since Christmas, so crunchy stuff is still tricky... but we are right there with you on hummus! And cookies. :)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  4. I am such a snacker too! But I typically don't allow my girls to snack. (Otherwise they would eat nothing during mealtime) So I cannot blame them for my habit! It's my own problem. :)

    My girls love Pea Crisps, but I have to admit that I haven't tried them. I may need to as I hear that they are good. I have wanted to try edamame more also.

  5. Love, love to see moms serving up whole food. Gets good habits started early. Wise choice mom!!!

  6. I love these ideas. Olivia always wants to eat what I'm eating. Which means dessert is eaten after her bedtime or while hiding in the closet. Trader Joes has these freeze dried fruits (target and whole foods have them too, but much cheaper at TJs) and Olivia loves them. Like chips for her but they are just strawberries or just bananas.


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